Even the most experienced of online shoppers still wants to have a sense of security when paying for goods online, especially if they are not yet familiar with your online store.

Building your visitors and potential buyers’ confidence is essential: your goal is to reduce your cart abandonment percentage and increase customer conversion, hence your sales. A survey carried out by eConsultancy shows that 58% of respondents abandoned their cart due to concerns about payment security.

What are some simple ways to make buyers feel at ease shopping on your online store?

1. The most common security signs buyers will usually look for are a URL prefixed by ‘https’ and the little ‘padlock’ symbol next to it.

It goes without saying that even if your online store is secure, it’s important to show it! And visually implement all safety standards in order to make you customer feel safe.

2. Making sure that your payment page is consistent with the overall look and feel of your store and brand identity is another way to reassure your customers that they are shopping on a safe site – on one and the same website.

More often than not, these pages are left unbranded, giving buyers the feeling that they are being redirected to another website.
Applying some minimal branding to your payment page, e.g. your store logo or brand colours can help you convert more customers.

3. However, shoppers will first check which payment methods are available on your online store and if they are trusted options, before proceeding with making a purchase.

Secure payments through online bank transfers

In Europe, online bank transfers are among the most popular online payment methods, for two main reasons:

- Most of the people have a bank account
- Online bank transfers are usually offered by banks and government-approved companies

Let’s explore some of the advantages of online bank transfers and why this payment method ranks high among other payment options.

Advantages for the customers:
First and foremost, customers are familiar with the internet banking environment. They simply have to enter their banking details and use their PIN to execute the payment. A familiar environment increases the feeling of security.

In addition, with online bank transfers customers can pay rapidly and expect their orders to be processed faster, which mean their goods will be dispatched sooner.

As mentioned above, that fact that online bank transfers are usually offered by banks and authorized companies, it means that customers trust the system and feel safe using it.

Advantages for e-merchants:
For merchants, online bank transfers represent a fast and cost-effective way to receive payments. Thanks to the quick, real-time payment confirmation, they can ship the goods immediately, increasing customer satisfaction.

Furthermore, online bank transfers offer protection against chargebacks, as payments cannot be so easily reversed.

Additionally, the overall handling costs tend to be lower than what the other payment methods offer.

SOFORT – one of the leading direct payment providers in Europe.

SOFORT Banking provides secure, online direct payments services to over 25,000 online stores in Europe.

More than 12 million consumers have already made at least one payment with SOFORT Banking, benefiting primarily from:

- A convenient payment method, using familiar online banking details
- High security thanks to a multi-level online banking authentication procedure and the use of unique confirmation codes.

SOFORT Banking is now available in eleven countries, including Germany. Online shoppers in Austria, Switzerland, the Netherlands, Belgium, Poland, Hungary, Italy, Spain, France and the UK can now use this payment method.

PrestaShop e-merchants benefit from the following features:

- Attractive conditions
- Easy integration
- No registration required for your customers
- Real-time transaction confirmation

Take advantage of SOFORT’s exclusive special offer for PrestaShop merchants: register until May 15th 2014 to get one and half month for free – no monthly or transactions fees – and receive 50% off the installation fee, until June 30th 2014. The promotion is available to all new customers.

SOFORT Banking’s module is native in the PrestaShop software or it can be downloaded for free on PrestaShop’s Official Marketplace.
The module is compatible with v1.4.0.1 – v1.6.0.6.

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