eCommerce Success Story: Selling Fly clothing since 2000

When we interview PrestaShop merchants for success stories, one thing seems to come out time and time again — they have a passion for the products they sell. Jonathan Hedden, owner of, is no exception, only he started selling online before PrestaShop was even created.

Long before online shopping was considered the norm, Jonathan had a pioneering idea to start selling online. While walking the beach in Venice, California, this rock and roller found a cool clothing store that carried sublimated shirts with famous album covers and artists including ACDC, Led Zeppelin, The Doors, Grateful Dead and Jimi Hendrix. He dug them so much, he purchased the shirts in bulk, kickstarting the launch of, after the slang for “cool, in style.

Paving the road to eCommerce

How do you sell online without a shopping cart solution? You think outside the box of course and that’s where this success story starts. The first version of FlyClothing took the form of an eBay store. In mid-2000, these rock and roll shirts found their way online through the popular (and at the time new) online marketplace. As an early adopter, Jonathan didn’t have a roadmap to follow but continually searched for better solutions and eventually evolved into his own online store.


Migrating eCommerce solutions

The first solution he tried was “Website Complete,” built by GoDaddy. Although it was a start, the features were rudimentary and left a lot to be desired. After a year on “Website Complete,” he moved to a more robust solution, X-cart. As continued to grow, Jonathan realized his current eCommerce solution was not changing as fast as his needs, so he started to compare new hosted and non-hosted solutions. After evaluating many hosted solutions, it was clear that although he liked the features, paying a monthly fee and a percentage of sales was counterproductive to his plans for growth. He started looking for a non-hosted solution and evaluated the software based on features like user interaction, total cost of migration, software benefits, and functionality. PrestaShop eventually won out because of the great community forum, terrific base cart and an ever-changing collection of add-on modules and support. For merchants looking to migrate, Jonathan shares, “I would compare as many eCommerce solutions, functionality and total cost of operating before making a decision.”

Rock-and-Roll Module Customization

Any successful online shop owner will you tell you, it’s your shop’s uniqueness that sets you apart and keeps customers coming back. PrestaShop allowed FlyClothing to create a customized store to match their products. Some of the most notable module additions include:

  • Newsletter Pro (Create and send your own newsletters with different products from your store using many customizable templates.)
  • Advanced URL (Make your URLs more SEO friendly by removing the product id.)
  • Social Login (Let customers register and login with their social networks including: Facebook, Google, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter and more.)
  • PrestaSpeed (Optimize your PrestaShop database, images and configuration to increase front and back office access speeds.)
  • Customized Invoice (Easily create more attractive and customized PDF invoices for your PrestaShop store.)
  • Short Codes (Create short codes for your website including Portfolios, Grids, Font Awesome Icons, and more.)

Ready to migrate your online store to PrestaShop’s free and open source solution? Check out our features or contact us with questions about moving to PrestaShop.

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