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Pure Apparel is an Australian clothing brand that specializes in unique and original designs. They only produce 10 – 30 and even as low as 1 – 5 of every item they sell. They pride themselves on trying to “avoid that awkward moment when you’re wearing the same shirt as your worst enemy” and it works!

I met Matt Adams, graphic/web designer and co-founder of Pure Apparel, who powers their online store with PrestaShop. He shares his personal experience of how he transformed Pure Apparel into an ecommerce success story in just a few months.

Tell me a little bit about you and Pure Apparel.

Pure Apparel has been open now for 5 months and growing quickly and we just hope we can keep up with demand! My business partner and I are originally graphic designers; I then progressed into web design while he took a different type of role as a full time parent. Our paths crossed again when the opportunity came up for us to combine our skills and take residence in a local shopping center for highly subsidized rent, selling our art through different mediums, tees, shorts, prints, hats, jewels, 3d printing, different types of cut and sew experiments and that’s just the beginning! During the set up of the shop we decided we would also need an online presence, which is where I could utilize my skills as a web designer.

How and why did you choose PrestaShop?

The choice of which e-commerce software to use was pretty simple, PrestaShop allowed the most flexibility in design while having a user friendly back office and plenty of useful modules that could help with the development of the site.

Did you have an e-shop before?

I have not previously had an e-shop, nor had I set one up. So I was glad when I found out how easy PrestaShop was to build our online store.

Who is your target market and how did you create an online shop that appeals to them?

Pure Apparels target market is 15 and up. Because of our brick and mortar location and some of our jewelry, we get a wide variety of customers. However, our online shop is aimed at a younger market, 15 – 30. We have used imagery, clean simple lines, and as little text as possible. No one likes to read.. right? Haha. I probably shouldn’t say that since I hope your readers are reading this now!

What marketing strategy do you use to drive traffic to your website?

At the moment we mainly use Facebook, word-of-mouth and our brick and mortar shop. We just started utilizing PrestaShop’s SEO module as well as Google AdWords and our blog.

What aspects of e-commerce should online merchants never neglect?

Design and Functionality. Also updatable content and your e-commerce site needs to be responsive. 40% of my visitors enter from a mobile device.

Share some figures about Pure Apparels traffic and sales.

On an average day I will get about 50 visits. But if I run a competition or discount on social media, I can get up 200 – 300 visits in a day. Sales will vary as I am still a new brand and I have gone from one week selling very little to the next week making over 50 sales. It is good to see customers who shopped at our physical location returning to shop on our online store.

What do you do to make your customers return shoppers?

Everything we do is limited edition. Tees, hats, shorts, prints, illustrations, jewels. We also do one off customized tees from our new pocket bar which is the next thing I want to add to our online store. It’s similar to what Nike does with shoes.

Do think it’s essential to have a newsletter for an online store?

Not sure about the newsletter to be honest. Most people do not want to be hassled it seems, not many people that register will opt in to be on the mailing list. But I think it is good to have the option. Most people will follow us on Facebook instead. I have left it there though and if I can build a decent mailing list I will use MailChimp to create a campaign.

Want to create an online store like Pure Apparel? Download PrestaShop today or try the demo to taste the PrestaShop experience. You could turn your idea into the next PrestaShop ecommerce success story today!

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