WishTrend is a Seoul based PrestaShop store and an international retailer for Korean beauty products. In a country brimming with cosmetics, only a few major brands ever gain global exposure. Eddie and Ryan, cofounders of this online store, aimed to share “Real Korean Beauty [products]” with the world. Since launching in late 2011, they shipped more than 60% of their 700+ products to international customers in the United States, Canada and Australia.

In 3 short years, this online store has successfully given 50+ local Korean beauty manufacturers international exposure. More impressively, they’ve maintained their tripling growth. Check out their success story and get inspired for yours!

Why did you choose to open an online store?

Korea has countless cosmetics brands with some of the greatest beauty manufacturers. Our goal is to link global consumers with underrepresented manufacturers from Korea’s cosmetics industry. We chose to open an online store because ecommerce is the easiest way to sell globally. We can communicate with our customers no matter where they are in the world. Also, we can easily update inventory and set up localized payment methods.

After your launch, what strategies did you use to drive traffic?

First, we attempted to drive organic traffic by improving our SEO. With PrestaShop’s built in features, we easily added Meta titles, descriptions and tags then rewrote our URL’s. We then drove traffic with a strong social media presence on Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Pinterest, and our “WishTrend Glam” blog. The most effective platforms are Facebook (with over 61,000 likes), YouTube (with over 35,000 subscribers and 1 million views) and our blog, WishTrend Glam. They all work together to increase qualified traffic to our website.

Once customers land on your site, how did you convert them?

We offer customers incentives to make purchases such as free shipping or $5 gift certificates. We then reassure visitors by displaying customer written product reviews on the home page. By leveraging both strategies, we quickly converted visitors into customers.

What about customer retention – how did you keep customers coming back?

We send weekly newsletters to our members. In addition, we try to send customized messages to customers based on their purchase history, location and age group to provide personalized product suggestions. This extra effort helps us convert customers again and again.

Do you use PrestaShop Modules? Which would you recommend?

We currently use the basic Yotpo module for product reviews. With this module, customers receive an email 15 days after making a purchase asking them to leave a review for products in their order. As an incentive, customers are offered a discount coupon for a future order. We highly recommend this module to other PrestaShop merchants.

Interested in running your own online store? Download PrestaShop today or try our demo to experience the PrestaShop software. Take the first step to becoming the next PrestaShop ecommerce success story!

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