Bouton de Manchette Paris is a boutique that specializes in selling designer cufflinks. This traditional men’s accessory is becoming increasingly difficult to find in stores all over the world, and this fact spawned the idea for Bouton de Manchette.

Charles Belannée is the owner of the owner of Bouton de Manchette as well as several other online stores,. When asked why he chose PrestaShop as his e-commerce solution of choice, he said “ is a site that needs to manage a catalog of more than 400 different styles of the same product! So we had to choose software that offered simple and easily tailored navigation solutions.”


Today, Belannée said his businesses are thriving, He also added that he has absolutely no regrets about choosing PrestaShop. “Within a web context, the PrestaShop solution is a really complete one, so we don’t have to use external software, just the modules developed for PrestaShop.”

For those of you looking to follow in Belannée footsteps by opening your own online business, he offers this advice. “I would advise anyone starting out in e-commerce to do the utmost to create an efficient point-of-sale, high-quality visuals, a welcoming and fun site and an easy access to customer service team.”

Today, Belannée is fully satisfied with his PrestaShop e-store. “This site is really effective. It makes our customers happy, it allows for quick and easy development of our catalog, and it delivers a positive image for e-businesses.”

Not everyone who start their own online business will be successful, but everyone who chooses PrestaShop as their e-commerce solution are undoubtedly armed will the tools and resources necessary for success.

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