Anima Athletica represents a new concept in retailing for women’s sports clothing and accessoires. The Anima Athletica website offers a selection of premium brands and products, all combining high-tech performance with undeniable style.

With a brick-and-mortar store already in place, the company wanted to create an e-store so they could reach women throughout France, offering them the same Anima Athletica products and advice wherever they live. It was also the opportunity to create a real community of sports lovers, from beginners to experts !

Anima Athletica

Anima Atletica E-store Homepage

Alexia Romanet, e-store founder, explains, “I chose PrestaShop for its flexibility, and its comprehensive modules and services which help create a very complete site.

Here are her top tips:

“It’s important to be able to anticipate market trends in order to offer innovative new concepts to your e-commerce customers. At Anima Athletica, we keep a close eye on the hot women’s sports brands, which helps us come up with ideas for the site, offer exclusives, and more.

On a day-to-day level, you also need to be able to analyze site traffic data, click through rates, etc. so that you can keep developing the site, keep it moving, just like a physical sales outlet where the merchandising is constantly being developed.

This e-store has only been online for a few days, but we’re sure it will be a massive success!

Anima Athletica chose PrestaShop… What are you waiting for ?

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