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Finally, spring has sprung! It’s time for online merchants to start planting promotions and marketing plans to make the spring holiday sales bloom! According to the National Retail Federation, last year U.S consumers alone spent an estimated $17.2 billion for Easter, $20.7 billion on Mother’s day and $13.3 billion on Father’s day.

That’s pretty convincing isn’t it? Let’s dive into refreshing e-marketing tips to make the most of spring holidays starting today!

We’re covering the 3 major spring holidays that are celebrated throughout the world to help you increase sales, traffic and customer satisfaction. We’ll give you tips for e-mails, social media and promotions so that you can capitalize on: Easter, Mother’s Day and Father’s Day!

Hop up Sales for Easter

Easter is the first holiday in spring and families from around the world are celebrating. It’s the perfect opportunity to get creative with your marketing activities and take advantage of the wholesome cheer.


From toys to chocolate to flowers to cameras – online merchants can run Easter promotions for all of their products. Try to get creative with your promotions to reflect the holiday spirit by using clever terms such as “Free ‘Eggspress’ Shipping” or “Eggcited for Easter Sale.”

See how this Montreal based PrestaShop store, Sweet Isabelle, uses attractive, large images to promote their Easter cookie collection on their homepage.

Social Media

Holidays like Easter are the perfect opportunity to be both timely and relevant allowing you to increase engagement and drive new traffic to your shop! Run a contest, promote your sales or highlight products to celebrate with your fans and followers. Learn more about how to use holidays to animate your social media networks with this article by SocialMedia Examiner.

Then check out how this PrestaShop store, Oh Snap! Boutique, shared their Easter promo on Facebook last year.

Email Marketing

Reach out to your customers with a clever Easter themed e-mail. Share your Easter gift list or promote your discounts with a cute e-mail or newsletter. A good place to browse for inspiration is Pinterest – take a look at these Easter Email Marketing results.

Mother’s Day & Father’s Day

Both Mother’s Day and Father’s Day are two of the most important e-commerce sales holidays every year. Make sure to prepare in advance and start your sales and marketing strategies early!


Both of these holidays are perfect opportunities to add a featured product page on your online shop. Create pages with products customized for moms and dads such as: “50 Mother’s Day Gifts under $50” or “Perfect Father’s Day Gifts.” The easier your customers can find the perfect gift, the more likely they are to make a purchase. These types of pages will also greatly improve your SEO efforts and help you rank higher on search engine results.

Ode a la Rose is a great example of a PrestaShop store that used homepage banners to drive traffic to their Mother’s Day product pages last year.

Social Media

Run a social media campaign that would make mom and dad proud! Start promoting these two holidays early to increase awareness and be the first to remind your customers that it’s just around the corner. Mother’s Day and Father’s Day tends to be a sentimental holiday so it’s a great time to run a social media contest. Ask your fans and followers to post photos with a caption about “Why their mom/dad is the best!” Having customers share this type of content will help you build a closer relationship.

Take a look at these 4 Brands that did their Mother’s Day Campaign Right on Likeable.com.

Oreo India ran a brilliant social media campaign called “Wish for Dad.” Genius! See more amazing Father’s Day Facebook Campaigns for some great ideas.

Email Marketing

Inform your customers about the amazing deals your running through an effective e-mail campaign. Keep in mind that Mother’s and Father’s Day also includes uncles, aunts, mothers-in-law, fathers-in-law, brothers, sisters… remind your customers that you have the perfect gift for everyone waiting on your shop.

Include some helpful advice such as “where to take mom for mother’s day?” or “what does dad really want to do on father’s day?” –including this type of content in your e-mail will increase customer loyalty and discretely improve your future open rates. This article from Email Design Review will inspire you with their article on “Father’s Day Emails to the Rescue.”

Spring Up Sales Today!

These examples should help get you started for the spring holidays. Make sure you’re prepared for all the big shopping dates this year with our 2014 Ecommerce Shopping Dates calendar.

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