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An online store’s success has a lot to do with its products and aesthetics but to build a loyal customer base, the store needs to create a unique experience. I stumbled upon Rustycage, an Australian PrestaShop store, specializing in men street wear with an awesome collection of printed tees. When customers enter they see more than just products, they undergo an experience and understand a philosophy.

We spoke with Matthew, who co-owns Rustycage with his brother and when they’re not on the paradise-like beaches of Melbourne practicing exhilarating watersports, they devote their time to their online shop. Today, Matthew shares their e-commerce success story and how they executed their vision with PrestaShop’s customizable templates and powerful features.

How and why did you choose PrestaShop?

We chose PrestaShop for a number of reasons. We had tried other software packages, but eventually became quite frustrated. PrestaShop is actually a simple software package to operate, however can be extremely powerful. Besides the ease of use regarding sales and inventory, the large availability of modules allows our PrestaShop store to grow stronger and stronger each day. This is something that other software packages cannot match. We love the ability to add additional functionality to our store in a few easy steps. For example; we have recently just purchased the Popin Newsletter module that allows users to sign up to our mailing list.

Rustycage uses a few additional features that help increase sales and create a loyal customer base:

Wish ListRustycage lets customers create wish lists to share with friends and family. This brings new traffic to the site with a preconceived notion of trust.

What do you do to make your customers return shoppers?

We try to give them an unrivaled service. We want them to feel like they are not buying from a large multinational, but rather a couple of mates. We also run a successful newsletter program, which helps drive traffic back to our site. In addition to all this, we provide express postage free of charge in almost all cases.

Free Shipping – a feature built-in the PrestaShop software, they also offer a flat rate $20 shipping for international orders.

Follow Us and Newsletter Sign up providing links to their social networks and an option to stay updated on latest news to build customer loyalty

Showing Payment Options – this builds a sense of legitimacy and makes customers feel secure. Also, it’s nice for customers to right off the bat what payment options are accepted. This feature can be found in many PrestaShop templates.

Are you involved in the PrestaShop Community forum?

Yes, whenever I run into a bit of a hiccup I turn to the large PrestaShop community for help. They almost always deliver.

What do you do for SEO?

We try to include the type of product in each page title. For example, when selling a t-shirt we make sure the word t-shirt is in the page title of the SEO section.

Did you have an e-shop before if so what software were you using and why did you switch?

We were previously using WebAsyst. WebAsyst seemed very limiting in its offering. Yes, you could simply add product to the store and sell it, however you couldn’t do much more. PrestaShop allows us to run the store much more efficiently and powerfully. PrestaShop is pretty amazing, we have several cronjobs setup to do a variety of tasks. For example; update currencies, send out follow up emails, rebuild indexes, etc.

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