With endless products trying to seduce us into spending every penny we can dream of, it’s hard to be competitive in the overpopulated e-commerce world. The recipe for a successful online business is to “change the game” and create a need for a product that never existed. ZPalette did just that!


By creating a customizable makeup palette that fits any and every makeup product, ZPalette consolidates piles of disorganized makeup for women all over the world. Zpalette was created by Emmy winner Zena Shteysel who heads the makeup department for “Dancing with the Stars,” has been featured in countless famous magazines and has over 24 thousand social media fans and followers. ZPalette is sold in over 100 stores in over 30 countries around the world from The United States to Australia. We spoke with Zena to get some insider tips on how she made her online store such a success.

ZPalette began by using OSCommerce and WordPress then transitioned over to PrestaShop “as more products were developed the website had to change to help create a better visual display, make shopping easier, and get informed easier.”

What feature(s) do you like best about using PrestaShop and selling online?

“I love the simplicity of Prestashop. It is a lot less complicated than my previous solution. It works with third party software that can streamline the entire order and shipping process. I also like the modules that can be added to Prestashop. The ‘How Did You Hear About Us?‘ Module tells us how our customers found us, which helps to market to them. The ‘Abandoned Cart Reminder‘ Module allows us to bring customers back if they decided not to purchase. Both are great tools for an online business.”

How do you keep your customers happy and coming back?

“We do our best to ship orders same day or next day. We offer free shipping over $60. We also take great pride in the quality of our product and do the best we can to ensure everyone gets exactly what they paid for.”

What are some vital pointers in being able to be successful in the e-commerce world?

“Customer service is vital. Responding to customers quickly, shipping quickly, and good quality products will bring customers back again and again and create a successful e-commerce site. A good shopping cart that makes it easy for a customer to purchase without any hassles is another vital point. Bad experiences travel fast nowadays with bloggers and Youtubers so providing the best experience for a customer is extremely important.”

Everyday new success stories are born with PrestaShop, check out our showcase and download PrestaShop today!

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