After 10 years in the luxury and fashion industry, Fanny decided to change direction.

Inspired by people’s life stories and by a passion for writing, she decided to share her passions with others.

It all started last Christmas, when Fanny received only three responses to her 43 personalized letters. Disappointed by the lack of response, Fanny asked herself, “do we write for others or for ourselves?” The answer was Letters From a Stranger.

Homepage Lettres d’ un Inconnu

It wasn’t until this October that the project really took off. Letters from a Stranger is based on a simple idea: the user subscribes to the service, then receives two letters a month.

The letters are true slices of life served up on paper. Fanny ferrets out the letters through people she meets in her professional and personal life. Told by perfect strangers, these true-life tales are sent directly to your mailbox, providing you with a fantastic moment of escape from the everyday.

Streamlined design means clarity

This is one story that couldn’t have been told without the help of an efficient e-commerce site. Fanny is happy with her PrestaShop partnership and particularly appreciates PrestaShop’s user-friendliness. “The platform is easy to use, and I’m happy that it’s so simple to manage my subscriptions. PrestaShop helped me have a fully-functioning and well-designed site from the very beginning.”

A site which has seen an increase in traffic, thanks to significant word of mouth. Lettres From a Stranger has garnered great press coverage (Elle, MyLittleParis, Figaroscope, etc.) and is widely blogged about.

But what’s behind this success? For Fanny, it’s obvious, “You have to be passionate about your project if you’re to take it all the way. I’ve been incredibly lucky to be able to do what I love and to make people happy at the same time.”

Are you passionate about your project? Do you believe it can go all the way? What are you waiting for, follow Fanny and go for it !

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