In order for an online business to be successful, it must make itself known to consumers. It’s logical to use online marketing techniques, but e-tailers can also open up new possibilities by making the most of offline marketing too.

I-What does offline advertising have to offer?

Offline advertising includes all publicity not related to the Internet.

A strategy combining offline and online advertising can have a positive impact on your sales. Here’s why:

  • Offline advertising helps you catch the eye of consumers, increase awareness of your products and attract more potential customers to your site.
  • With offline advertising, you can reach people who aren’t necessarily frequent Internet users. Once they know about your brand, however, they’ll be more likely to shop online in your e-store.
  • You can really create a buzz with offline advertising. The site managed to do just that recently, by plastering the Paris metro with these saucy billboards.

Envie de Fraise
Envie de Fraise

The brand recently made a splash in the Paris metro with these billboards!

II-How to combine e-commerce and offline advertising?

Clearly, creating an offline advertising campaign can work wonders. Here are a few tips on how to do it right:

a.Remember the QR code!

A QR (Quick Response) code is a type of 2 dimensional barcode consisting of black modules arranged in a square pattern on a white background. A barcode reader, a Smartphone or a webcam can scan and read it rapidly. A QR code in the corner of a poster or magazine ad, when scanned by a consumer, will send them to your website directly. So don’t be shy about using them in your advertising!

QR Code

A QR code example

b.Choose your media to fit your target!

Before leaping blindly into an advertising campaign, think about how to reach your target market most effectively.

If for example you are selling women’s clothing, it’s probably a good idea to put ads in women’s magazines. Think too about the different types of media that offline advertising can offer. Here are a few ideas:

  • Print ads in newspapers or magazines
  • Billboards and large-format ads
  • Flyers, brochures, circulars, catalogues (in letterboxes, handed out on the street, during trade fairs etc.), posters
  • Telemarketing

So clearly, a bit of offline advertising mixed with a bit of online advertising can be a really effective strategy, helping you increase sales. Just make sure that you evaluate all your options before deciding on your advertising strategy.

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