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Think of it as setting up the interior of your brick and mortar store and using the commonsense placement of your products, cash register and fitting rooms. Your cash register would never be hiding inside of a fitting room so don’t make it that complicated for customers to browse and check out on your online shop. Today I’ll help you create a user friendly experience for your online store with some simple tips that will make all the difference!

You Don’t Want your Customers to Get Lost!

It’s important to make sure that your visitors have a smooth navigation on your online store. You never want your customers to feel lost or unsure about how to find something specific. Try finding good practices on popular e-commerce sites that you shop on.

An awesome example is PrestaShop powered store, Johnson’s Popcorn. Notice the ease of searching for items and use of categories and subcategories to quickly find what you’re looking for. You can search by flavor, size, and occasion or even in the search box. Take a look at the items I highlighted that enhance the user experience for Johnson’s Popcorn.

Looking for a module to help with your site navigation? Check out the Rich Menu Module on PrestaShop’s Official Marketplace to make your site navigate just like Johnson’s Popcorn.

A Few Tips to Improve your Online Store

a) A Few Tips to Improve your Online Store

Providing a user friendly experience is essentially a website with an intuitive design. Customers shouldn’t have to overthink about what they’re clicking, the process should be natural. This is why colors play such a big role in intuitive design.

Draw attention to important buttons by using colors that are instinctual for certain commands. Take a look at these examples of effective color decisions made by PrestaShop stores Dirty Shirty, La Milou and Arthus & Co.

b) Use Large Photos

Capture your customers’ attention by using large photos that draw them to a specific product. Too many small photos on one page can be overwhelming, that’s why using large photos can help give your site some clean structure and enhance the experience. Here are some examples of PrestaShop stores that successfully use large photos on their landing pages.

Want your online store to be completely irresistible? Browse over 1,200 professional themes on PrestaShop’s Official Marketplace and transform your store instantly.

c) The 3 Click Rule

Its web design 101: your customer must find any information they’re looking for within 3 mouse clicks. If it’s more: you’re doing it wrong. Here are two awesome PrestaShop Modules that can help you improve your sites search ability.

Advanced Search 4: Won best module award in 2012 – the fastest search engine available for PrestaShop stores with over 10 incredible search features.

One Page Checkout: Some say that the 3 click rule is outdated and many e-commerce sites are moving towards one click rules. Offer an express checkout that is intuitive and convenient for your busy customers. Available for PrestaShop 1.4 users.

You’ll be surprised at how much of a difference these easy tips can make for your sales. Test them out and comment below on how they worked out for you! Not using PrestaShop? Download PrestaShop today and give your customers the best shopping experience.

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