As part of our 3rd PrestaShop Barcamp, we handed out our PrestaShop Awards, recognizing the best online retail stores made using PrestaShop. The goal of these PrestaShop Awards is to highlight the energy and drive of French e-commerce, and to inspire businesses by giving examples of successful companies. Take a look at our happy winners!

Marketing-Communication Category

The following stores were nominated for their originality in respect to customer service, marketing, activity on social networks, blog updates, etc…:

Archiduchesse ; Presque Parfait ; Ayanature ; Cadeau Maestro ; Rose Indigo ; Artoyz ; Philippe Gaber ; Fair Sens.

And the winner is…

User-Friendliness–Webdesign Category

The nominees:

Headict ; Petersaysdenim ; Anooki ; Manoush ; Tartine et Chocolat ; 27-37 ; Amomuito ; Joli Dragon ; Bar Premium ; These stores were nominated for their quality in terms of webdesign and user-friendliness, for having an elegant, original, or amusing design, as well as having a clear and effective navigation:

And the winner is…

Technical/Integration Category

The nominees:

Atelier de la ceinture ; Rollup Express ; Manoush ; Jitrois ; Look for Look ; La boutique du Régime Dukan ; Mondizen ; Villa Tropic. These following stores were nominated for their modifications to the core of the PrestaShop solution, and for specific developments in personalizing the software:

And the winner is…

Innovation Category

The nominees:

Woodeos ; Mayoz ; Correction de fautes ; FlipStory ; La Maison Binoclette ; Un Jour un Sac , were nominated for their original concepts:

And the winner is…

Best Module Category

These modules were nominated for their brilliant contributions to making stores more efficient: Module Store Commander ; Attribute Wizard Pro ; SotEw’s Addblocks ; PrestaPress ; iAdvize ; Configurateur Visuel ; Shopializable PS on Facebook

And the winner is…

Shopializable PS on Facebook

Shopializable PS on Facebook

Jury’s Favorite

Our Jury selected its two favorite stores overall, one from France, and one from abroad. Check them out!

French Favorite

Smallable sells designer clothing and accessories for children. The company recently raised 2 million euros to accelerate its growth internationally. PrestaShop knew how to respond to all of Smallabloe’s internationalization needs.

International Favorite sells a selection of artisanale poufs made in Morocco. It presents a jazzed-up design for its niche market.

Bravo, and thank you, to all the nominees and the winners, who have demonstrated PrestaShop’s flexibility and impressive technical performance. Come back next year to see our new award-winners!

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