Confashion is the concrete realization of Andrzej Kaluzny’s dream of launching his own brand in the world of e-commerce.

The streamlined design of the store was developed by a graphic designer who is also behind the photos and logo. A solid foundation for the founders as Kinga Krol, Head of Communication for the brand confirms: “The design is our store window, it has to be perfect to attract customers and give our brand a particular style.”

Homepage Confashion

The large choice of modules and ergonomics that PrestaShop offers are a serious bonus. “We’re delighted to work with PrestaShop, they give us the chance to put our own signature on our brand. We did our own graphic design but the store evolves daily with the different basic functions available on PrestaShop.”

It’s true that the store has the advantage of an attractive appearance, which makes it stand out from the competition. “Our choice of pictures and colors make a feminine and classy world. We focus on simplicity and elegance.”

By using black and white for the slideshow on the homepage, and light colors for the product pages, Confashion has its own ambiance. The products are nicely integrated into the categories and the visitor can easily navigate the site, thanks to the optimized ergonomic design.

When asked how to create a successful e-business, the answer comes quickly, “You need to be patient and persistent. Competition is fierce, you need to know how to fight to stay ahead.”

So Confashion is a good example of a Polish e-commerce success, but what are the characteristics of the Polish market? What do you need to know before entering it?

The price is the first aspect to consider when dealing with Poland – products must not be too expensive. “You’ll have to adapt to the average Polish standard of living in order to find your clientele. We propose middling prices which target a fairly well-off customer base.”

Selling clothes online is still fairly new to Poland. “Poles are still fairly wary of e-commerce. They prefer to try things, and are afraid of bad quality products.” For this reason Confashion puts quality at the top of their list of priorities.

Are you ready to get into the Polish market ?

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