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An online payment service provider should allow you to accept payments from customers and protect your business against fraud. But choosing a payment service provider for your online store can easily become a headache. There are often numerous and similar offers, making it difficult to find the right payment solution. However, having a good payment solution is crucial for ensuring good conversion rates and protecting your business. Today we describe an ideal payment service provider for your online store. And it seems that we’ve found one!

At PrestaShop, we surround ourselves with the best in the field. Which is why working with Ogone, the online payment service provider, is apparent for boosting our merchant’s conversions.

Your online payment service provider should allow you to:

Account for the Inevitable Multi-channel use

Consumers today easily move from one channel to another while requiring the same level of service and security. To stay current with your ultra-connected customers’ new habits, offer them a payment solution that is intuitive on all channels. By not requiring additional information from customers, you facilitate the payment process. Our partner, Ogone, offers a flexible payment solution that allows you to manage all multi-channel payments with a single platform.

Adapted means of Accepting Payment

The more payment methods you offer your customer, the better chance you have of satisfying them and closing sales. Ogone helps you achieve just that by offering over 80 payment methods worldwide, allowing you to accept credit, debit, gift, or e-wallet cards and increasing your sales!

Develop New Markets

Why limit yourself to one country, when you have limitless sales potential? Stop restricting yourself and conquer foreign markets by choosing a suitable online service payment. Ogone helps globalize your online store by offering local languages, currencies, and payment methods.

Protect your Business

To fight against inventive fraudsters, you need to take extra precautions in protecting your business. Enhancing your payment security should be a priority to reduce costs associated with fraud. Leave that to the professionals instead and concentrate on your business. In addition to standard features such as real-time customer identification or verification, Ogone offers advanced features like digital fingerprints to protect you from fraud.

Choosing your payment service provider is important because it guarantees a successful and worry-free online businesses. Trust Ogone, the European leader in online payment services, to increase your sales and reduce costs associated with fraud!

Download the Ogone module today!

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