Everything you need to know about Google's possum algorithm

Everything you need to know about Google’s possum algorithm

It’s no secret that local results on Google have experienced a spike recently, and the most recent changes to the company’s search algorithm have continued this trend. Although not yet confirmed by Google, local search results have been pursuing a steady climb since September and SEO experts are now abuzz about the company’s new algorithm, which they say has accounted for a high number of possums. In this article, we explain everything you need to know to benefit from the new advantages of Google’s most recent changes. Read more


[New Benchmark Report] Why Mobile is a Must for PrestaShop Fashion Retailers

Fashion, the industry that makes up a huge chunk of global ecommerce world, is characterized by spur of the moment purchasing decisions, short buying cycles and a wide arrange of products, categories, brands and price points. Read more


Why people help translate software #OpenSourceHero

Meet our translation #OpenSourceHero Jesús Ruiz Garcí­a.

Open Source is all about continuous improvement to free software through collaborations that span the globe. Here at PrestaShop we are proud to offer our eCommerce software for free and have it constantly enhanced, revised and upgraded by a community of more than a million contributors from every country, culture and background you can imagine…and in many languages. Too ambitious you think? Read more

Why Bootstrap Has Matched the Hype

Bootstrap is no longer a buzzword in web-design. It has become a full-fledged action verb. “Are you having trouble starting your web-design project? Just Bootstrap it.” When a brand name like Twitter Bootstrap becomes an informal everyday word, you know that people like it and that people use it, a lot.

In the likes Xerox for photocopying, and Google for online searching, Bootstrap has essentially become the go-to framework for designing websites. That may be a bit of a bold statement given the number of competitors in the market, but hear me out. In my previous post, I gave a brief history of the unlikely birth and explosive hype surrounding the Twitter Bootstrap framework.

Now, let’s look into 5 reasons why Bootstrap has matched the hype.

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Infographic: Back-to-School Shopping and Ecommerce 2014

It’s that time of the year again, students and families around the world and especially in the United States are shopping for all their school year essentials. According to industry research, more and more of these shoppers are purchasing online this season.

Is your online store prepared for the second busiest shopping season of the year? Check out this infographic: back-to-school shopping and ecommerce 2014 for interesting stats on how this major digital holiday could influence your business.

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What is Bootstrap? – The History and the Hype: Part 1 of 2

What is Bootstrap? If you own a website, you’ve probably seen the word “Bootstrap” while skimming through articles about web-design and development. You may have also overheard the word “Bootstrap” being tossed around by web-designers at coffee shops and bars around the world. These people know what Bootstrap is and the enormous benefits that it brings web-development world. But do you know why insisting on using the Bootstrap framework for your website is a smart choice?

In this 2 Part Series, I’ll go over the history of Bootstrap, what is Bootstrap exactly, along with several reasons why incorporating Bootstrap in your next website project is a great move.

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BITCOIN: Why Every Online Store Owner Should Refuse It

The author’s views are entirely his own and may or may not reflect the views of PrestaShop.

Over the weekend, Bitcoin lost a whopping one third of its value. We have all heard the buzz about this “crypto-currency” and I’m sure you’re wondering if using Bitcoin is the right move for your online store. Since we all want our businesses to have a profitable competitive advantage, and Bitcoin seems to be touted as the “next big thing”, let’s dig in and see what Bitcoin can really offer online merchants.

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