An event on an extraordinary scale

After being on the market for only 3 years, PrestaShop demonstrated incredible dynamism at its third Barcamp event.

14 exhibitors, 8 conferences and 8 workshops attracted no less than 850 people to Paris on 31 March 2011!

A record for an E-commerce Barcamp and an important event in the environment of e-commerce. At a time when integration solutions are changing position and moving towards SaaS, PrestaShop is following a different logic, constantly improving its functional coverage and performance and the market is receptive to this message.

Ambitious announcements!

Yohan Ruso, Chairman and Managing Director of eBay France, has presented PrestaShop as a major player and has turned words into actions by exclusively announcing integration of eBay with PrestaShop. The principle is relatively simple: if you sell online via an eBay shop (80% of sales are no longer done by auction on EBay) you can monitor your activity in PrestaShop.

After a quick review of the dramatic increase in functions of the newly released 1.4, Nebojsa Stojanovic, Technical Manager of PrestaShop has announced the roadmap for the 1.5 version, by laying down the following challenge for his team: “We must be in Alpha version by the 5 June”. Far from trying to keep up with its competitors, this 1.5 version will put PrestaShop ahead of them, with a functional coverage which is quite simply unequalled..

The mobile version is also in sight! Still in Beta version for the moment, it is presented in iPhone format with impressive ergonomics, simple and well designed. The Back-Office functioning is user-friendly and the repercussions on applications rolled out are immediate, M-commerce is on the move and PrestaShop supports it!

Conferences that enthralled attendees

The organisers would like to thank the enthusiastic public, who followed the conferences with great interest throughout the day. The large lecture hall of the Tapis Rouge, which had seating capacity for no less than 600 people, was very often full and never had less than 450 people in it at any one time throughout the entire day.

The need for expertise is real, the speakers were all recognized experts in their environment and sharing of knowledge is at the heart of the strategies of our e-merchants.

Several highlights marked the conferences, the announcements, but also the personal accounts of Peugeot SportandOffice Dépôt on their use of PrestaShop, the conference of Catherine Barba (Malinea) and François Ziserman (Araok) on ergonomics, the explanations and benchmarks on the high performance of the Framework carried out by Philippe Humeau (NBS System) and Remi Gaillard (PrestaShop) the conferences of Olivier Levy and Jeremy Benmoussa on SEO, SEM and social shopping.

So many experts, opinions, information, research and knowledge shared in this unique venue, the Tapis Rouge, a place which symbolises trade since it was the first ever Parisian department store.

Very popular expert stands and workshops

8 workshops were organised around topics very important for e-merchants: social networks, optimizations, new features of the 1.4… and held by the PrestaShop team, alongside professionals of the sector: NewQuest, NBS System, AxomeThe sessions followed on throughout the day and were always full.. The best advice was given and visitors were very impressed!

At the same time as the workshops, the experts François Ziserman (Ergonomics) and Blog-Ecommerce (search engine optimisation) held a stand, welcoming and advising retailers from all backgrounds on points specific to their e-commerce activity.

The first prizes of the “PrestaShop Awards”

For a great round-off to the day, the most innovative, original or most technically advanced sites were honoured.

The panel, chaired by Marc Ménasé (MenInvest group)and made up of experts such as Catherine Barba, Cédric Ingrand (LCI), Yves Puget (LSA), Olivier Sauvage, François Ziserman, Olivier Levy, Géraud Gelgines (La Poste – Coliposte) and Ralf Wenzel (Skrill – Moneybookers) awarded the 7 prizes.

With several dozens of thousands of sites using PrestaShop, it was difficult to choose but here is the list of winners per category:

Congratulations to them and their partners! You can also find all the nominees here.

Congratulations also to the lucky winners of the prizes of the quiz game! (Ipad 2, Iphone 4, Nintendo 3DS, Ipod Nano)

What are we going to do after such a successful event?

Better, of course. It’s the catch word that drives the PrestaShopteam – to bring you more, more often and increase opportunities to meet each other.<bThe feedback has been so positive for this event that the team has been called on to organize a second event this year, events in the provinces and reflection is underway. We will get back to you very soon to explore these new possibilities.

All this would not have been possible without our sponsors who also support e-commerce and the PrestaShopsolution: La Poste, Skrill, Ebay, Trusted Shops, and many others…

The team would also really like to thank the people who helped to produce this Barcamp: Xavier Bonnaud of Profileo, Philippe Humeau of NBS System,Yann Costes of NewQuest as well as our panel, speakers and people who came to give their personal accounts… A big thank you to all of you!

And above all, a big thank you to YOU, visitors from all backgrounds and many different countries!

This large gathering was a fantastic experience for us. We were really touched by your massive support and it has motivated us to provide the very dynamic world of E-commerce with even more functions, innovation and quality!See you soon at Barcamp 4!

Groupe PrestaShop

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