Inspired by a genuine interest in e-commerce, the success of Autre Paire de Manches is growing daily.

Looking for a way to surf the e-commerce wave, Emmanuel opted for cufflinks as a way forward. Why cufflinks? “I was interested in men’s accessories, and I soon noticed that the cufflink market was under-represented online. Cufflinks offer a number of advantages for online sales: they’re small, so cost little to transport and are easy to store, and unlike some items, have no expiration date.”

Homepage Autre Paire de Manches

The site has been online since March 2012, and while the initial catalog contained 250 products, today there are more than 420! The site’s cufflinks come in all shapes and colors.

Covering a wide range of product styles, the e-store has seen its order numbers grow, and its number of site visitors has increased accordingly. Autre Paire de Manches is a real success!

The site’s young and quirky design helps deliver a great brand image. And they get a journalist to write funny little product descriptions, adding a playful touch.

Emmanuel on his experience with PrestaShop, “I’m delighted – I can always find the functions I’m looking for. Thanks to the customer loyalty module, customers can gain points and receive coupons. And the Facebook share function means that visitors can receive a code that gets them a discount of 5% on their next purchase. And last but not least, I particularly appreciate the way I can handle orders directly from the back office.”

As a recent convert to e-commerce, Emmanuel offers his advice to those wanting to get into the wonderful world of e-tailing.

“It’s very important to have a good service provider for the development and integration phases, as the platform is your main work tool. But I think that you should concentrate on perfecting your distribution, because it’s the sole point of contact between you and your customers. I keep a close eye on each package, including little touches in each. A positive relationship with your customers is key to your success.”

Une Autre Paire de Manches has fulfilled their promise; many customers become regulars and customer loyalty is very important to them.

And inspired by the site Archiduchesse, they encourage transparency on their own site. Every month their sales figures are posted in their blog. This means their clients can see what’s happening, improving customer trust in the site, and showing that the site is serious and here to stay.

Taking on the job of community management himself, Emmanuel heads an effective viral communication policy. The blog and Facebook page are interactive, and regularly updated with lively and varied articles.

As a follow-up feat, Emmanuel has decided to open a new store at the end of the year. A store which will be using PrestaShop 1.5 of course!

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