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Shabbir Nooruddin is an ecommerce entrepreneur and blogger at Bootstrapping Ecommerce. He builds businesses and ecommerce solutions, and in his free time, you can find him in the gym or flying model helicopters.

Don't forget the marketing in marketing

Don’t forget the market in marketing

Marketing is a critical part of any successful ecommerce business. While a multi-pronged approach is necessary for marketing any store, it’s crucial to first focus on your target market. Knowing who makes up this target market will help you get your message to them across all marketing channels – PPC, SEO, social media, email, affiliate, and any others you might target.

In this post, I’m introducing you to customer personas and the process of identifying your ideal customer to better focus your marketing efforts.
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Counter intuition

Counter-Intuition: Why a Tighter Selection Means More Sales

When you sell online, it’s tempting to want to carry as much as you can in your store – after all, more products equals more sales – right?

The more products you have, the greater the likelihood that someone browsing your store will find something they want or like, and buy it – right?

Sure – if your store happens to be Amazon or Walmart. But if you’re a small business owner like the rest of us, then good luck trying to sell that kind of catalog.

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