Are you ready for PrestaShop 1.6 the official checklist

The release of PrestaShop 1.6 is just around the corner! We want to make sure that you’re prepared to upgrade and start taking advantage of all the brilliant new features of this amazing new version.

Our developers have addressed your questions concerning 1.6. and now we’re sharing The Official Checklist so that you can ensure a smooth transition to PrestaShop 1.6.

Set up a testing environment for your online store

Before anything, it’s crucial to set up a test server for your PrestaShop store. When setting up a testing environment for your shop, you’re essentially duplicating your online store. By doing this, you’ll be able to see how your store looks when changes are implemented and run tests before making any modifications to your live shop. You’ll be able to test version 1.6 and any themes and modules that you have installed. Setting up a test server will help you avoid any downtime and loss of sales.

This helpful article will take you step by step on how to setup a test server for your online store.

Back up your online store

In order to set up a testing environment for your online store you’ll need to back up your online shop. Some hosting providers automatically back up your online store; however, many developers strongly suggest manually backing up your shop, just in case something ever happens to your server. Also, keep in mind that your hosting provider may only back up your shop every week so you want to be sure that your testing environment has the latest version of your online store.

Learn more about how to manually back up your PrestaShop store.

Theme compatibility

Check to make sure that your theme is compatible with version 1.6. All 1.5 themes are compatible but some designs may differ a bit from the original theme due to the different module positions and the new two column theme in 1.6. This is why we strongly suggest testing your shop prior to making any live updates. Make sure to contact the developer of your theme to receive any updates. Also, if your theme is not Bootstrap compatible, it will still work on 1.6 but unfortunately, you will not be able to take advantage of the benefits of Bootstrap on mobile devices.

Module compatibility

Go through all the modules you have installed on your shop to see if they are compatible with 1.6 prior to upgrading. Great news! All PrestaShop developed modules are compatible with 1.6. You can also tell if your module is compatible with 1.6 simply by installing the module on your test environment and if no error appears then the module is compatible. If the module is not updated for 1.6 you can contact the developer of the module directly or contact an agency or freelancer to make the necessary changes to your module.

Read more about module compatibility specific for PrestaShop 1.6.

Download the auto upgrade module

As soon as PrestaShop 1.6 is released on March 17th 12:00PM EST, there will be an update for the 1 Click Upgrade module. This module provides an automated method to upgrade your shop to PrestaShop 1.6. Don’t forget back up your files and test the upgrade on a testing environment first!


Test upgrade on test environment

After completing all the steps above, you should start testing your online shop on the testing environment that you set up. Do a thorough test before updating your live store to avoid any down time.


Upgrade your online store

If the upgrade went smoothly on your test store, now you’re officially ready to upgrade your live shop to PrestaShop 1.6! Just make sure that you have backed up your store with the latest version of your shop. After you updated your online store using the 1 Click Upgrade Module, you’ll have the option to restore the previous version. Do this if your theme or an essential (not native) module is not working properly.


Test everything!

You’re store is now running on PrestaShop 1.6! As you should have done when testing the upgrade on a testing environment, navigate throughout your entire site to make sure everything is working properly. You’ll want to go through every page, perform a test purchase and test your shop on different devices. If applicable run these test on the different languages you offer your customers.


The official release of PrestaShop 1.6 will be available for download on March 17th at 12:00PM EST. Want to learn more about this new version? Read these articles to learn more about the new and improved back office, dashboard and front office. Also, the PrestaShop 1.6 progress page will give you an overview of all the new features and you can watch the 1.6 video that takes you through the new version.

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