7 St Patricks Day Ecommerce Marketing Tips

Did you know that 39% of Americans celebrate St. Patrick’s Day? Of those who do, The History Channel reports that Americans spend over $4.14 billion on this holiday.

With March 17th right around the corner, create your own luck by following these 7 St. Patrick’s Day marketing tips for E-commerce sales.

1. Use the Color Green, Sparingly

Everyone, and I mean everyone, uses green to promote their St. Patrick’s Day Sale. Instead of plastering green everywhere, stay true to your brand’s look and feel. Customers should be able to recognize your brand through the ad. Take Priceline’s St. Patrick’s Day Deal page for example. They didn’t replace their blue with green nor did they replace the Priceline negotiator with a leprechaun. Simply use pops of green and a few holiday-related images to be festive.

2. Run Weekend Sales

Although St. Patrick’s Day may not be a gift-giving holiday, you can still capitalize on the holiday spirit. Extend the sale dates to include the weekend leading up to the St. Patrick’s Day. This allows partygoers and parade attendees ample time to shop your sale. Conversely, if the holiday lands on a Friday, run the sale through the weekend.

3. Feature Anything St. Patrick’s Day Related

The sky’s the limit. Start with green colored items. Next, try anything relevant to Ireland. If you sell soccer fan gear, offer special discounts for Irish Football Clubs such as Dublin City and Bohemians. If you sell desserts, feature products using Guinness as an ingredient or even Shamrock shaped goodies. Last but not least, use the lucky number 7. Offer $7 products or free shipping with a $77 purchase.

Take PrestaShop powered online shop, Artoyz‘s green product page, for example:

4. Create a Sense of Urgency — NOW

You want customers to shop and you want them to shop now. Create a sense of urgency by giving them timed incentives. For example, “Be the first 10 shoppers to get an additional 7% off.” Or try a happy hour discount: “Shop before 4:00PM to get a (7*7*7)% discount, shop before 7:00PM to get a (7*7)% discount, or shop all weekend long for 7% off.” If you are a PrestaShop user, learn how to set up these St. Patrick’s Day discounts by visiting the Pricing Rules and Vouchers section of our Forum.

5. Let Customers Try their Luck

Sticking with the St. Patrick’s theme, ask customers to try their luck. Recently popularized mystery boxes are a great way to do so. List a mystery box that offers a mix of products. If you’re unable to sell your products in this manner, you can still give customers some ‘luck’ by offering a surprise Gift with Purchase. In either case, be sure to outline the terms in your return policy.

6. Promote your Discounts

Getting a discount is great news! Ask your current social media followers to help spread the word. If possible, incentivize them. Try the following: “Tag your luckiest friend for a chance to win a product!” Still not getting enough traffic? Send the details of your sale to relevant blogs. In exchange for giving the readers a special discount, you’ll get additional traffic to your online store.

Have your sale ready to go? Submit your coupon to RetailMeNot!

7. Measure your Success

Use different coupon codes for each campaign to measure its success. Try FBCLOVER for Facebook, IGLUCKY for instagram, and 17GOLD for e-mails. Unlike our previous tips, you won’t see the immediate benefits. However, by measuring each campaign’s success, you will know where to invest your time and money for future campaigns. You’ll see the benefits long after the excitement dies down.

Which of these marketing tips will you be incorporating into your St. Patrick’s Day Sale? Let us know how lucky our tips are or share your top E-commerce marketing tips in the comments below! Also, stay prepared for upcoming sales opportunities by adding these important shopping dates to your calendar.

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