You’ve created a PrestaShop store and selected a popular and trustworthy payment method for customers. You’re also offering buyers delivery services that can match any profile—from the thriftiest to the most hurried—and your store’s design is adapted to your product universe.

Congratulations! You’re ready to speed up sales on your online store.

Check out these five tips to maximize sales with efficient and easy-to-use modules.

1.  Get your store’s name out there and increase traffic

Google is no doubt the most efficient way to give your store a name, with 100 trillion queries made each month.
When optimizing your site’s organic SEO, index your product catalog on Google Shopping to be sure your product visuals show up on the world’s most popular search engine. In just a click, users can get to your page and you’ll pay only a cost per click for your online campaigns.

2. Quickly boost average cart value

Try suggesting a product when the basket summary is displayed, just like supermarkets that place candy near the checkout counter. Don’t hesitate to slash the price to make the deal even more enticing! It’s also a great way to clear out unsold items.

3. Make checkout easier

Start by making account creation a breeze on your site. 40% of users prefer to use an existing account to check out—such as Facebook, PayPal, Amazon, Google, or Twitter—rather than filling out yet another account creation form. Offering your customers the possibility of logging in with a social networking account lets them create an account with your store in just a click, increasing conversion rates instantly.


4. Reassure visitors to convert them into customers

Customer feedback offers two advantages: on the one hand, it puts new visitors at ease, optimizing conversions, and on the other, they become rich snippets that help increase your search engine visibility; product satisfaction scores show up right on result pages. It’s a fundamental tip for increasing traffic and conversions.

5. Try a better way of converting “difficult” customers

On average, 7 out of every 10 visitors who add items to an online cart do not make a purchase.
Worry no more. Now, you can win over these potential customers using automatic abandoned cart reminders that you can complement with limited-time coupons, to make deals even more tempting.

Last but not least, here’s one final tip: Perform a routine check-up on your own site and put yourself in the shoes of a new customer. “Why should customers buy from here instead of from the competition?” Make sure everything is working properly, that customer experience is smooth, that your store’s tone matches your brand universe, from its home page to your order confirmation e-mails.

Make a list of your main strengths (quality, service, proximity, strong brand, etc.) and remind customers of them in your communication to make yourself stand out.

Be sure to download PrestaShop’s UX guide to learn everything you need to know to optimize customer experience and convert visits to sales.


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Her passion: make e-merchants succeed! Cecile Dubouis has been working for 16 years in webmarketing and e-commerce. She is our Marketing Manager for PrestaShop Addons, and tries to make her 2-years-old son the youngest e-merchant.

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