Top 10 Ecommerce Newsletters of 2014 from PrestaShop merchants

It seems like just yesterday we were making summer plans, but with a blink of an eye, the year has passed and we’re almost into 2015. Throughout this year, we’ve seen some great newsletters from PrestaShop merchants.

Although it was hard, we’ve narrowed them down to the top 10 ecommerce newsletters of 2014. We’ve listed each newsletter’s subject line, shop, reasons why we think it’s great and what you should try next year. Let’s get started!

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The 14 Most Popular Articles of 2014

The end of the year is coming up. It’s time to take stock of the past year and also give thanks! We’d like to thank you, our readers, who’ve been with us for all of our posts and made valuable contributions.

You’ve found these articles interesting and compelling, you’ve liked them and commented on them – but perhaps you’ve missed a few. Here are the top 14 most-read articles of the year from the PrestaShop blog – make sure you haven’t missed an important one!
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The Complete Guide to Create CMS Pages for your Online Store

Have you ever thought about the purpose of the links on the footer of every website? How about the static pages those links take you, such as the “About Us”, “Delivery”, “Legal Notice” or “Terms and Conditions”?

Even if tiny fonts and complex sentence structures make you want to ignore their existence, these pages can affect your brand’s reputation, your store’s reliability and most importantly, your company’s legal status.

This article guides you through the process of writing your online store’s CMS pages, and explains how to add and modify them in your PrestaShop Back Office.
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Ecommerce SEO Trends for 2015

What will Search Engine Optimization look like in 2015? It’s become something of a tradition for SEO professionals to come up with their predictions at the end of each year: are we looking at a full-scale revolution or a few minor changes? Here’s what I think we’re in for in 2015…

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From bricks to clicks: 5 reasons you need to sell online today

Are you a small business with a local storefront thinking about selling online? Not sure if online shopping is a trend or the future? As an ecommerce software provider, we would (of course) say you definitely need an online shop. But just saying so isn’t enough.

Today we support our claim with our article titled, “From bricks to clicks: 5 reasons you need to sell online today.” We’re sharing the limitations of a traditional brick and mortar and showing you how an online shop complements your retail shop to help you get the best of both worlds.
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6 A/B Tests for Optimizing your Online Store

Online merchants are always looking for ways to improve their online shop. Because of this, many experts have researched and tested different design elements to optimize the effectiveness of websites. As researchers learn more about online shoppers, they share their results through infographics, blog articles and more.

With so many website elements you can test, where should you start? Today we’re helping you narrow it down by sharing 6 A/B tests for optimizing your online store.

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