A quick guide to promoting black friday and cyber monday sales

Black Friday and Cyber Monday are literally days away.  Many online merchants will process their largest number of orders during the weekend. If you’ve downloaded our ecommerce holiday guide, you already have great ideas for promotions you can run.

Once you’ve set up your sales, getting the word out is just as important. Check out this quick guide to promoting Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales.

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4 tests to run before launching your ecommerce site

Have you ever visited an online store that looks like it accidently launched in the middle of construction? For many merchants, it’s no accident. New storeowners may sometimes be unaware of everything that should be tested before their store goes live.

From device compatibility to creating user scenarios, this article covers all of the essential tests to guarantee a successful launch. Once you finish reading, you’ll know how to effectively switch from “Pardon our dust” to “Open for business!” Read more

Holiday Tool Kit for your Ecommerce Site

With the holidays just around the corner, there’s a buzz of excitement in the air. Each shop is decorated with festive home pages, ready to welcome this season’s holiday shoppers. To help you make the most of the shopping season, we’re sharing this holiday tool kit to help prepare your ecommerce site. Let’s get started!

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Security Alert on the PayPal Europe module: Action required by December 3, 2014

Update – Dec. 3, 2014:PayPal disabled SSL 3.0 support today. All users of PayPal Europe for PrestaShop must update their PayPal module as soon as possible. If you need help making sure that your PayPal payment gateway is fully operational, please contact PayPal support at:
FR: 0800 942 850
UK : 0800 358 7911
ES : 900 801 665
IT : 800 975 345
DE : 0800 723 4500
BE : 0800 50855


Hello PrestaShop Community,

An industry-wide security issue with SSL V3 has impacted PayPal. As a reminder, SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) is a cryptographic protocol designed to provide communication security over the internet. This specific SSL V3 issue is known in the industry as POODLE.

As a result, the PayPal Europe module for PrestaShop will need to be updated before December 3, 2014. We believe this update will only take you a few minutes and we encourage you to make the update as soon as possible.

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10 Essential eCommerce Metrics for Google Analytics

To begin with, let’s assume that you have been running your eCommerce site for a while and have the most basic eCommerce metrics tracking set up in your Google Analytics account like:

    • Transactions
    • Transaction Revenue
    • Transaction Shipping
    • Transaction Tax
    • Item Quantity
    • Unique Purchases
    • Item Revenue

This post aims to cover 10 complementary but essential metrics that should be tracked in Google Analytics for deeper insight into performance and users’ flow through the conversion funnel to enable you view your online retail business from a different angle. Read more

7 Free Ways to Learn How to Code Like an Ecommerce Developer

Now more than ever, understanding computer programming is opening doors for endless opportunities – especially in the ecommerce space. Although you may not need to know how to code to bring an online store to life, it certainly helps to achieve the results you really want.

Instead of outsourcing simple programming tasks to an expensive developer, you can learn how to do it yourself, for free! We’ve gathered 7 online resources that will teach you how to code from the luxury of your home.

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10 New Ecommerce Themes for PrestaShop

As soon as a customer visits your online store, your website design is the first thing that impacts your sales. From usability to colors, your ecommerce site must look and feel professional as soon as you launch.

Not a designer? Make a lasting impression with one of these 10 new ecommerce themes for PrestaShop stores. Each template is fully responsive, customizable, translatable, and compatible with version 1.6.

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3 Simple Growth Hacks for Ecommerce Customer Acquisition

So you have an online store with great products, now what? The success of your business depends on bringing in customers. But how can you attract those customers without cash flow and brand recognition? Growth hacking.

Simply put, growth hacking tactics are an inexpensive and innovative alternative to traditional marketing. And it’s how you can build awareness and reduce your customer acquisition costs to nearly $0.

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15 Examples of CTA buttons to drive conversions for online stores

Earlier this year we showed you the importance of call to action (CTA) buttons, emphasizing the significance of placement, size, shape, color and text. What works and what doesn’t? Today, we share 15 examples of CTA buttons to drive conversions for online stores.

Using examples from PrestaShop stores, we’ll show you CTA’s that convert with pop-ups, social engagement, home page features and most importantly, product page design. Let’s get started!

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