7 Strategies to Implement When Your Website Traffic Drops

Traffic was never an issue for you until one day “BAM!”, your site traffic drops. Your once bustling online store is quieter than a ghost town. Potential customers have suddenly disappeared and you’re left with an online store with no customers. Where did your traffic go? How do you get your customers back? Today we’re sharing 7 strategies to implement when your website traffic drops.

If you already use Google Analytics, you have access to demographics of your visitors. If you do not already have Google Analytics, set it up today. It provides statistics like percentage of returning vs new visitors, bounce rate and referrals source which will help you decide which strategies to implement.

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Ecommerce Design: How to Find the Right Logo for Your Online Store

Finding the right logo for your online store is one of the most important decisions you’ll make as an online merchant. As legendary Logo Designer Paul Rand says, “A logo is a flag, a signature… a street sign.” Your logo should clearly define your business model for your target audience. With so many options and possibilities for logo designs, where should you start?

Today we’re sharing tips on how to find the right logo for your online store. We’ll start with 5 qualities to look for, then share examples of powerful logos from live PrestaShop Stores, and finish with valuable resources to help you find your perfect logo.

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How to Install PrestaShop : The Complete Guide

If you are searching how to install PrestaShop, you came to the right place. With nearly 4 million downloads and over 185,000 active stores, installation tutorials are always a popular request. Thankfully, there are tons of resources online to help you install PrestaShop any way you like. You can install via a one-click installation script provided by your hosting provider. You can install it manually via MySQL and FTP. Lastly, you can install a localhost version of PrestaShop on your personal device for testing or development purposes. I’ll provide simple instructions for each of these scenarios. Enough with the introduction, let’s start installing!
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10 Free Tools for Every Ecommerce Professional

Whether you’re an online store owner that’s just getting started or you’ve been running your store for years, you can always benefit from new online tools to enhance your online business.

Here is a list of the top 10 free tools for every ecommerce professional that will help with design creation, user testing, social media, SEO and the many tasks of being an online merchant. You’ll wonder how you lived without these free websites and apps before today!
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Ensuring safe payments with online bank transfers

Even the most experienced of online shoppers still wants to have a sense of security when paying for goods online, especially if they are not yet familiar with your online store.

Building your visitors and potential buyers’ confidence is essential: your goal is to reduce your cart abandonment percentage and increase customer conversion, hence your sales. A survey carried out by eConsultancy shows that 58% of respondents abandoned their cart due to concerns about payment security.

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