GitHub Tutorial Instructions for Beginners

With 25,000+ commits from 175+ contributors in only 18 months, PrestaShop’s GitHub branches are an enormous success. Use this Github Tutorial to join in on the action. Staying true to our commitment of being Open-Source, our GitHub Repositories are becoming increasingly active each day as more community developers collaborate together. We welcome and encourage everyone to contribute to our Ecommerce solution using GitHub. You want in? Great.  I’ll briefly describe what GitHub is and provide step by step instructions on how you can contribute to the PrestaShop software using GitHub.

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EN_Ecommerce Marketing Emails

Examples of Ecommerce Marketing Emails that Work!

Your customers’ inboxes are constantly flooded with marketing emails from retailers – so how can you make your communication stand out? Email marketing is becoming increasingly more important for ecommerce businesses in order to build customer loyalty, increase conversion rates and run a profitable online business.

Today, let’s dive deeper into the importance of this communication medium and check out examples of ecommerce marketing emails that work!

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Desjardin Image

Canada: 7 tips on Fraud and Risk Control for Ecommerce

Now, more than ever e-merchants must reassess and review their risk management and loss control procedures. With internet fraud on the rise again, according to Kroll’s Global Fraud Report – ‘69% of Canadian companies were affected at least by one fraud in 2012 / 2013′ – ecommerce businesses are particularly at risk.

Typically, credit card fraud can result in thousands of dollars in losses but, that’s not all. Fraud also puts your merchant account contract at risk and can damage your business’ reputation.


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Avalara Webinar

Free Ecommerce Webinar: Sales Tax and the PrestaShop Merchant

As an e-merchant, you should always make sure to keep abreast of new legislation and changing regulations.

Did you know that if current legislation passed into law, online merchants would be required to pay sales tax? If approved, the legislation will grant federal permission for states to require collection of sales tax by remote sellers.

Join this free Sales Tax Webinar and learn more about the current legislation and how it could impact your business!

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EN_ Ecommerce Checklist

The Smartest Checklists to Manage Your Online Store

We make lists for everything – from weekly lists for groceries to annual wish lists for birthdays. These checklists help us stay organized and leave nothing out. This is why we created the smartest checklists to manage your online store. We’ve compiled a list of tasks that are truly important for running an online business then divided them by how frequently they should be completed. These downloadable lists will help prioritize your daily activities to effectively run your online business.

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EN InMotion Hosting Main

How to Choose an Ecommerce Web Hosting Provider for your Online Store

If you’re starting an online business, you’re probably reading this article as part of your initial research. (As a research addict, I commend you for that.) You have probably heard that you will need a good web hosting provider. But with so many hosting options available, how do you pick? We’re helping you choose an ecommerce web hosting provider by highlighting 5 important features.

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teal credit card digits close-up

US and Canadian credit card processing: increasing your store’s efficiency

It’s a fact.  The online shopping scene is rapidly evolving: the number of online stores and buyers is rising; more sophisticated and powerful e-commerce tools are being developed; the advent of m-commerce – smartphones and tablets changing the way people shop; the increasing need to go wireless and allow customers to shop anywhere, anytime! You simply can’t afford to let your business lag behind.

In our quest to improve our online offering, satisfy our customers and manage the complexity of it all, it’s key to select an optimal and simplified payment solution that will make it easy for your customers to purchase – by offering a wide array of payment options – on your online store and for you to manage the back-end.


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