E-commerce Success Story : Family-run online shop sales grow 800% in one year

Meet Silly Milly Moo, an adorable PrestaShop powered online store selling children’s gifts and accessories based in the state of Victoria in Australia. The e-shop is run from the cozy home of husband and wife, Emily and Liam, giving them the opportunity to run a profitable business and keep up with their active on-the-go life raising three young girls, ages 10, 7 and 5.

Even with the girls’ school, ballet, drum and swimming lessons, Emily and Liam are able to manage their shop, fulfill and personalize orders and provide their customers with delightful service. I had the pleasure of speaking with Liam to learn more about their experience with PrestaShop and what they have done to make Silly Milly Moo the e-commerce success story that it is.

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2014 trends

The 5 Global E-commerce Trends for 2014

2013 has been another big year for e-commerce and we can expect this to continue forward with new trends emerging for the upcoming year. Keeping up with the constant growth and innovation of e-commerce is essential to stay competitive in the online retail market.

Let’s see what we can expect to drive the industry as we look forward to the the global e-commerce trends for 2014.

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Barcamp 7 Video: The Largest PrestaShop Community Event of the Year

PrestaShop Barcamp 7 was an incredible opportunity for the PrestaShop team and ecosystem to meet Community members from all around the world. This outstanding event gathered almost 2,000 e-commerce enthusiasts to learn, exchange and network about relevant e-commerce topics affecting online merchants every day.

The Barcamp 7 video illustrates the importance of hosting this annual event and what it means to the Community and PrestaShop team. Watch it now!

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How to Increase Engagement for a Company Facebook Page

Remember when the number of fans your Facebook page had was the most important aspect of social media? I’ve noticed that tons of online businesses focus too much on the number of Facebook fans their competitor has rather than how active their community is. Online retailers need to have an effective strategy and know how to increase engagement for a Company Facebook page and interact better with fans.

Together we’ll discover how to develop a strategy to make your online shop’s Facebook page an interactive medium to communicate with customers.

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How to Create a PrestaShop Module in 1.6 – Dashboard Plug-In

PrestaShop version 1.6 was resigned with you in mind. We worked closely with real PrestaShop merchants, developers and designers to create a refreshing new look and feel for the Dashboard. This new dashboard is optimized for UI/UX and features a variety of content blocks that can be customized with PrestaShop Module plug-ins to fit any online store’s needs.

Build a PrestaShop Module

This is great news for Developers as you can actually create your own PrestaShop module or plug-in to add even more features to the Dashboard. You can develop these Dashboard plug-ins and submit your creation to the PrestaShop Addons store or make them free for all to enjoy.

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Infographic: The PrestaShop Success Story

We always love sharing success stories about our merchants. With the end of the year approaching, we wanted to illustrate a special success story… the PrestaShop story.

From 2007 up till today, you’ll see the incredible progress and growth PrestaShop has seen over the years. Together with our dedicated global Community, we are happy to celebrate these accomplishments and look forward to another successful year!

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