Dynamic Hooks with the __call() Method

Original article written by Vincent Augagneur-Core Developer
Translated to English by Benjamin Utterack-Community Manager

When developing a module for PrestaShop that appears in different locations, or hooks, in the back or front office, we use the integrated hook system in PrestaShop to “graft: the module anywhere you want.
The system works great. However, as with any system, there are some limitations. We will provide you a trick that will help to lessen the effect of these limitations and make the entire system much more fluid.

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Online Sales Tax: What E-Commerce Merchants Should Know about the Marketplace Fairness Act

It’s been all over the news and you’re wondering: how is the Marketplace Fairness Act, a bill passed by the Senate and if passed by the House of Representatives will require online businesses to collect sales taxes, going to affect my online business? What does the bill really entail? What does it all mean?

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5 Essential Elements to Internationalize your Online Shop

What if someone told you that your online shop is only a couple of clicks away from jet setting on a globetrotting journey into the hands of consumers around the world? Perhaps you have dreamt of setting up shop on the luxurious avenues of Paris or on the festive streets of Rio de Janeiro, maybe you imagined your store in the heart of Milan… with E-commerce it’s all possible. Today, I’ll share with you the 5 essential elements to internationalize your online shop and make it global sensation.

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PrestaShop Can Count on GitHub

For the last several months, individuals from all over the world have been able to contribute to the improvement of the PrestaShop software on GitHub. Since our short existence on GitHub, 45 contributors have proposed 62 adjustments, changes and additions that have been included and assisted in improving various versions of PrestaShop. Thank you all for your feedback to help PrestaShop strengthen its position as the best e-commerce solution. PrestaShop can count on GitHub.

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5 Tips from Shopping-Feed.com for Selling on Marketplaces

Selling on marketplaces is a fast and very effective way to boost revenue for your PrestaShop e-commerce store.

The Shopping-Feed software is natively integrated directly into PrestaShop 1.4 and 1.5 and compatible with previous versions via this module.

Each marketplace you add will boost your sales by 10% on average.
If you add five marketplaces (and Shopping-Feed is compatible with more than fifteen!), that means a potential increase of 50% in your sales!

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