Boost Sales with Yotpo’s Customer Reviews

When you’re shopping online, isn’t it reassuring to see customers raving about an item you are thinking about purchasing? That reassurance may be the little extra push that encourages you to go ahead with your purchase. Customer reviews are the most effective way to encourage visitors to make purchases on your store. But as important as they are, they are extremely hard to generate. Tools allowing shoppers to leave reviews are often complicated, and the reviews that do get written tend to be unreliable. This is where Yotpo arrives.

With its FREE module, clean-cut interface, and a host of useful features, Yotpo is able to help you generate more reviews for your store. But that’s not even the best part! Yotpo then encourages you and your store’s reviewers to share these reviews on social networks. This helps to drive dramatically more traffic back to your site, and ultimately increase sales.

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Marketplaces: One of the Easiest Ways to Gain Visibility

Ever wonder how to gain quick and easy visibility for your store and products? Online marketplaces are some of the best platforms to sell your products on. Sure, you may already be doing great business on your site alone, but think of the endless possibilities when your products are on additional marketplaces! Offering products on your own website, as well as additional marketplaces is an absolute must. Unsure of the ins and outs of an online marketplace? We got you covered, read below.

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Tea Village: A World of Environmentally Friendly Tea

Tea Village is a relatively new company based in Thailand, and they have already managed to gain a firm grip on domestic and international customers alike. With their own tea plantations, Tea Village is able to offer their high quality products at a low and affordable price. The company greatly values customer feedback and has gained major popularity throughout Thailand, and now across the world thanks to their online store and international shipping.

Palita, the site’s manager, was kind enough to speak about her experience with PrestaShop: “I have worked with quite a few CMS systems, but PrestaShop is by far the most effective. Particularly, I appreciate the user friendliness and the simplicity of back office management; offering different product variations and offering international shipping is a breeze.”

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