CSS Sprites – Why They Work and How to Use them

Everybody wants to maximize their store’s loading speed. In this need for speed era, every second counts to retain customers from bouncing off your page to your competitor’s store. Images usually take the longest to load, but does everyone know about a little trick called CSS Sprites? It might just save that one second you and your potential customers are looking for! Read more

PrestaShop v1.4.10 – Refined and Improved

At PrestaShop, we harbor an attitude of growth and positive change. At the same time, we don’t easily forget what brought us here, to this amazing point. Together, with your amazing support and knowledge, we have grown and evolved to offer the best Ecommerce software available. Our latest version PrestaShop 1.5.3 is both powerful and innovative. However, for thousands of our stores and merchants who are successful and content with v1.4x, we haven’t forgotten about you either. Read more

How to Create the Best Product Page for Your Online Store

In this day and age, having a great product to sell online is not enough to ensure success. In order to maximize your potential sales, you must have a beautifully crafted product page. You want to make sure that you entice your customer to make a purchase, without being pushy. You want to seem professional, but not stuck up. You want to include all necessary details and features that your customer wants, but not so much that it clutters your product page.

If it seems like a daunting task, do not worry, PrestaShop is here to help. We will examine some of the best aspects of effective product pages. Remember, you do not want to choke your product page with too many features. Test them out and see what works for you, try different combinations. Ecommerce is all about seeing what works for your store and your product, now let’s get down to business. Read more

Creating a catalogue in 10 easy steps

Your catalogue is at the heart of your online store. Getting it right is key to bringing your site to life for your future and current customers, and to making them want to come back.
Anyone visiting your site should find what he or she is looking for as quickly as possible, and that means a decent catalogue. That’s why the base of any PrestaShop store is its catalogue function, which includes products and product categories.

Adding products: Setting up your catalogue starts with adding products. Your e-store takes shape as you create content, and that content adds value to your online store.
But adding products isn’t just about slapping down a photo and a bit of text. You need to know your products inside out: price, weight, size, characteristics, specifications, details, brand, supplier, and a whole lot more. You shouldn’t start adding products to your catalogue without knowing exactly what to show the customer, so you’ll need to know product specifics and what information you want displayed for site visitors.

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For design and decor lovers, it’s got to be Bonjour Mon Coussin

Bonjour Mon Coussin is a brand from Bordeaux, France that launched in 2007. The brand’s success is built on cushions, as they initially specialized in selling rare and stylish cushions of every stripe.

Since then, the brand’s founders, Claire Eglizaud and Paul Moreau, have built on their success, branching out into other soft furnishings, as well as fashion products like accessories, textiles, bags and clothing.

Today, Bonjour Mon Coussin and Supercollection.fr, the brand’s sister site, offer more than 600 products. All products are original designs and are made in France.

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Oh no! Your customers are abandoning their carts! Problem solved, money in your pocket.

Cart abandonment – it sounds kind of scary, doesn’t it? Well… it is! According to Fireclick, the average rate of customers adding an item to their cart and subsequently leaving it behind is 71.30%. For merchants, that is an extremely frightening number. Why are so many people initially interested in your product, but end up deserting it? Read more, we got the solution! Read more

Together, PrestaShop and Klarna Are Changing the Way People Shop Online

As cool and convenient as online shopping can be, one major drawback for consumers is that they don’t get to see or feel a product before rendering payment. But what if the world of e-commerce was more like our physical world? What if you could touch the products you order online before actually paying for them? Well, with Klarna, now you can!

That’s right. You read it. Klarna, PrestaShop’s newest partner, offers a revolutionary payment solution that allows customers to pay for products purchased online after delivery… not before!
To make the delivery of goods possible before payment, Klarna offers two options to consumers, Klarna Account and Klarna Invoice.

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10 tips for better SEO

So your online store only appears on the 20th page of Google results ? It’s not the end of the world if you follow our 10 tips. You’ll soon see your e-store move into pole position !

1. Register your e-store on the free directories

This first thing to do is to register with the directories. This might seem a little time-consuming but it is the best way to move your site up in the result rankings. So you’ll need to figure out which key words your site should use for the search engines. A description (from 500 to 1000 signs) will be required – make sure you adapt it to each directory.

2. Optimize your tags

Tags are bits of text present in the html code which are read and digested by Google and other search engines’ spider robots. They are used to define and categorize your site, and evaluate which search terms are relevant to your site.
Don’t forget the Title tag : the title of the page. It contains text which appears in blue in pages and Google results. It provides important information for the site visitor but also for the search engines. It should be written so as to encourage future visitors to click on your link. The title should be succinct (between 5 and 10 words, roughly 60 characters) and use your name and the key words for your business activity.
You should optimize each page of your site with its own title that includes the name of your company and a summary of the page contents.

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