E-commerce: How to Crack the German Market

E-commerce is an industry without borders, and many e-merchants want to know the best practices for preparing an online store to enter the global market.  However, if you own and operate an online storefront in the U.S. and want to sell to a German market, for example, then you need to create an extension of your website to fit that market.

Consider this… Germany is the second largest e-commerce market in Europe. The German people are very familiar with online shopping; making them smart, savvy consumers with high expectations. Let us suppose for a moment that you want to enter the German market. Do you know how to properly prepare your online store?
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PrestaShop and Jirafe Host an Amazing E-commerce Event in San Francisco

When it comes to e-commerce events, there’s one thing our experience has taught us… if we host it, they will come.

Over the weekend, PrestaShop teamed up with our friends from Jirafe in order to deliver an incredible e-commerce event at WeWork Labs in San Francisco, California.  The turnout was nothing short of incredible, with online merchants, developers, web agencies and various industry partners making up the majority of what was undoubtedly a packed house. Read more

PrestaShop v1.5.2 Houses Major Improvements

PrestaShop v1.5 changed the open source e-commerce game by delivering to the world a fast, easy and modern e-commerce solution. And over the past few weeks, PrestaShop’s developers have been working tirelessly to improve v1.5 so our Community can continue to experience the best online shopping-cart solution imaginable.

Today, the fruits of our labor have paid off as we are proud to announce the release of PrestaShop v1.5.2. The new version is packed with improvements, making v1.5.2 the best version of PrestaShop to date!

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