Get the Best out of Customer Reviews!

Fifteen of the top twenty French websites (in terms of visitor numbers) allow customers to provide feedback about their stock. A shop can boost its conversion rate by 40% through customer feedback (Olimeo study). These figures should be enough to convince you to put a customer review on your product pages! Read our 4 tips and make the most of your customer reviews to increase sales and look after your reputation.

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7 Ways to Boost your Christmas Sales!

We estimate that 20% of an online shop’s annual turnover comes from Christmas sales. So get yourself ready to increase sales and be part of a market worth over 6 billion Euros (2010 figures, Fevad/Directpanel study). Put our 7 tips into action and see your seasonal sales soar into the stratosphere!

1-Give your shop a festive feel

Adorn your website in Christmas colours to create a festive atmosphere and make your visitors want to buy gifts for their loved ones. Peggy André, gift shop manager, says «Customers appreciate change and love the unique atmosphere during the festive period so ensure you give your website a special Christmassy design. If this isn’t a possibility then you should send customers a message such as: “(shop name) wishes you a Merry Christmas.».

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Original ways to showcase your products

It’s every e-trader’s dream: combining the new technologies of the internet and e-commerce to develop original ways to showcase their products with the aim of reproducing the physical experience of a product. There are many different ways to showcase your products. We took a look at four techniques you need to use to increase your website’s conversion rate.

1-Product zoom – an essential feature

Put this feature in your product sheets to enable the web user to zoom in on an item to see it in more detail. In concrete terms, this is a cursor that enlarges the part of the product photo that you place it on. Aims: to reproduce the physical experience of your products, reassure your consumers about the quality of your items and provide the best possible conditions for them to make a purchase. After inserting the zoom function into fifteen of its product sheets, Darty saw an increase of 25% in its conversion rate as well as greater customer satisfaction. Why don’t you add this highly effective tool too!

2-A multimedia experience: Videos

Think about including videos in your shop, describing your products’ features, especially if lots of explanations are needed to use them. This will enable your customers to appreciate the full extent of their possibilities and therefore make them less reluctant to place an order. According to a recent survey carried out by RD Media Group, adding videos to your website to introduce your products will allow you to quadruple your conversion rate! La Redoute provides web users with videos showing their products in real-life situations. Visit their website ( and be inspired!

With over a billion videos watched every day, Youtube is an amazing opportunity for e-traders to increase the visibility of the products they offer. Create a Youtube account and upload your product videos. Take a look at Panasonic’s Youtube channel for inspiration, for example!

3-Virtual changing rooms: discover a product in a fun way

To enhance their customers’ user experience, some ready-to-wear clothes shops offer virtual changing rooms. The web user enters their measurements to create a model in their own image. Next, they can try out clothes of all sizes on it and see the result. This way of showcasing a product is a tool that really helps e-traders to sell products, insofar as the customer can get a better view of the products on offer and is reassured by the experience. Take a look at, a site that offers a virtual changing room service for e-commerce sites, and see the full range of possibilities of this product showcasing technique for yourself!

Some websites showcase products using augmented reality visualisation procedures. Ray ban for example lets web users try on its glasses virtually. The customer takes a photo of themselves with their webcam and sends it to the site. They can then add glasses to their photo and see how they would look in real life. The fun side of this product showcasing technique wins web users over, who then share it with their friends via social networks. For you this means a higher conversion rate on your site and additional visibility for your offer.

4-Virtual shops: a new buying experience

Virtual shops are turning out to be a useful way of showcasing products to persuade the most reluctant web users to buy. In practice, this involves providing your customers with a virtual shop similar to a physical point of sale. The web user can click on the product they are interested in and access its product sheet. These shops are designed in such a way that the user is placed in a familiar buying role and feels reassured. The presence of virtual sales assistants contributes towards this. The human side of these assistants puts the most anxious customers at ease. The conversion rate for virtual shops is turning out to be higher than that of classic websites. Why not take a look at the SFR shop, to get a better view of this product showcasing technique.

100,000 Active Stores Today!

100 000

It’s a big day for PrestaShop as we have reached a major milestone, 100,000 online stores worldwide! Our open source e-commerce shopping cart is proving to be a big hit among merchants and partners alike. PrestaShop is committed to innovative technology and continues to make a stronger presence in the community. Check out how the PrestaShop team in Paris and Miami are celebrating.

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Learn to create money-off coupons!

Approximately 95% of French households use money-off coupons (Acxiom study). This shows that your customers are very interested in this type of promotional offer. It is therefore important that you have a good understanding of it. We will present the different types of money-off coupons that you can offer to customers according to the marketing objectives that they fulfil.

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PrestaShop meets its Canadian Community!

Our very first Meet-Up in Canada took place in Montreal last week. More than 20 PrestaFans gathered with new ideas for our e-commerce software, including suggestions on features, modules, developments, shops and more. This meeting was really productive and PrestaShop’s growth in Canada is going to be awesome!

Among the numerous additions for our Canadian Community: a dedicated forum, (both French and English speaking) on, the integration of CanadaPost, an upcoming patch to manage taxes in Quebec and many more features to come. Stay tuned!

Several other Meet-ups are planned through Canada: Toronto, Québec City, Vancouver… Stay tuned for more information! wink

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