Please Read: Security Procedure

Last night, the PrestaShop’s official website,, was hacked, resulting in the misappropriation of a script intended for transcribing news information in the Back Office of PrestaShop stores.

The entire PrestaShop team dedicated ourselves to identifying and fixing this issue as quickly as possible. That fix has been completed.

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Tip of the Week: 3 Ways to Successful Flash Sales

Promotions are still one of the best ways to attract attention from potential customers. What is even better is that with flash sales you may give your clients a new reason to buy from you! This sort of sale is ideal for increasing turnover and must be prepared in advance in order to achieve real success.
Follow these 3 rules and your flash sales will be a success:

  • Choose the right product: You need to offer a product that interests everyone to ensure you attract clients…Look at your best sellers and offer a new product or an exclusive item from your range
  • Follow the rules: Your flash sale must be exceptional and visitors must want to buy from you so don’t be scared of broadcasting it to reach as many people as possible via social networks, your blog or by email. It is also essential to set time limits on your sale. Make it just a few hours long so your clients react quickly. You could also limit the number of items available and it’s a good idea to display how much stock is left to generate a sense of competition among your visitors. Respect these rules and you will significantly increase your chances of having successful flash sales
  • Don’t neglect your boutique: Make the most of the increase in visitors to cross-sell and encourage them to order several items at the same time. Your shop should be ready to welcome visitors and make them want to come back: maintain product pages and your home page… Ensure that you also have the server resources necessary and that you are using all the reassurance techniques possible to instil confidence in your clients

Flash sales are a great way to generate traffic to your site, get new clients, increase sales and turnover!

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Posting a blog for your online shop: 5 good reasons to get closer to your clients

As you know, it is very important to humanise your shop as we have mentioned in our tip of the week, “6 points to reassure your customer“, where we discussed the importance of displaying a phone number and email address

To really get in touch with your community you can add a blog on your boutique. Blogs are very easy to manage and they allow you to post articles that add another dimension to your shop in a short space of time. You can write about upcoming sales, new products, special discounts, organise competitions or simply share your ideas and desires with your customers: there are no limits to a blog’s potential. You can talk about anything!

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Modules, Classes and Controller Override by Julien Breux


PrestaShop allows you to override various components and behaviours. PrestaShop version 1.4 consists of two major points:

- The first is overriding the visible parts of modules (Templates, JavaScript and style sheet language) so the themes can adapt better to them.

- The second is overridding software behaviour (class files and controller files) to target a specific section of the required components.

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Surcharge et Override par Julien Breux


PrestaShop vous permet de surcharger différents éléments et comportements. Il existe en réalité deux grands principes dans la version 1.4 de PrestaShop :

- Le premier consiste à surcharger les éléments de vue des modules (Templates, JavaScript et feuilles de styles) afin que les thèmes puissent s’adapter au mieux à ceux-ci.

- Le second principe consiste quant à lui à surcharger les comportements métiers (fichiers classes et fichiers contrôleurs) afin de ne cibler qu’une partie des éléments désirés.

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Olivier Bonningues Interview 1st Licensed PrestaShop Freelancer

Could you introduce yourself?

My name is Olivier Bonningues and I’m 40 years old. I am a telecom training ingeneer and I switched to the internet a few years ago. I launched my consulting company, Oleacorner, to put my skills to good use in object-oriented programming.

I support my clients at each stage of setting up their E-commerce websites: outlining requirements, specific developments, integration, installation, migration, set up, support and debugging.

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