Ensure that your modules and themes are compatible with PrestaShop v. 1.4!

Version 1.4 of the PrestaShop solution has already been published for several weeks and has been met with great success—over 65,000 downloads to date!

PrestaShop v.1.4 offers more than 65 new features. In order for the entire PrestaShop community to be able to fully take advantage of them, you absolutely must update your modules and themes. We’re counting on you!

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Compruebe la compatibilidad de sus módulos y temas para PrestaShop v.1.4

La v.1.4 de la solución PrestaShop se ha publicado hace unas semanas y ya tiene un gran éxito… ¡Más de 65 000 descargas han sido registradas hasta ahora!

La versión 1.4 PrestaShop ofrece más de 65 nuevas funcionalidades…Para que el conjunto de la comunidad PrestaShop pueda disfrutar completamente de la v.1.4, las actualizaciones de sus módulos y temas son indispensables. ¡Contamos con usted!

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PrestaShop’s Forge is now available!

Dear developers and contributors,

A few weeks ago, we announced the upcoming launch of PrestaShop’s Forge. You won’t have to wait any longer to discover this new collaborative tool: it’s already available!

PrestaShop’s Forge is based on the following Atlassian tools:

  • Jira: issue tracker?; requests management (bugs, feature requests, improvements);
  • GreenHopper: agile planning ; simplifies exchanges with more reactivity;
  • Bamboo:continuous integration (hudson);
  • FishEye: SVN manager;
  • Crucidle: tool that enables you to easily manage the code review.
  • Discover PrestaShop’s Forge now !

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“Barcamp 3 PrestaShop: Something in the air…”

An event on an extraordinary scale

After being on the market for only 3 years, PrestaShop demonstrated incredible dynamism at its third Barcamp event.

14 exhibitors, 8 conferences and 8 workshops attracted no less than 850 people to Paris on 31 March 2011!

A record for an E-commerce Barcamp and an important event in the environment of e-commerce. At a time when integration solutions are changing position and moving towards SaaS, PrestaShop is following a different logic, constantly improving its functional coverage and performance and the market is receptive to this message.

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Congratulations to the Winners of the PrestaShop Awards!

As part of our 3rd PrestaShop Barcamp, we handed out our PrestaShop Awards, recognizing the best online retail stores made using PrestaShop. The goal of these PrestaShop Awards is to highlight the energy and drive of French e-commerce, and to inspire businesses by giving examples of successful companies. Take a look at our happy winners!

Marketing-Communication Category

The following stores were nominated for their originality in respect to customer service, marketing, activity on social networks, blog updates, etc…:

Archiduchesse ; Presque Parfait ; Ayanature ; Cadeau Maestro ; Rose Indigo ; Artoyz ; Philippe Gaber ; Fair Sens.

And the winner is…

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