The feature of the week: Memcached implementation

Memcached logo

In its 1.4 version, Prestashop implemented Memcached to increase the speed of your WebPages response. Memcached complements your MySQL database and saves the results of SQL requests to allow the server to be less crowded and more efficient.

To avoid the MySQL database to slow down, when a request has already been done, this one will pass through Memcached. If this does not change in appearance for the merchant or the customer, performances will be much better than the previous versions; everybody will feel it!

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PrestaShop v.1.4 Alpha 4 is now available!

Our team published PrestaShop v.1.4 Alpha 4 yesterday, gathering again new features! Discover them now :

  • jQuery v1.4.4 library update
  • Smarty v3.5 update for better performances
  • An advanced Webservice for a better usability
  • UPS module added for our American community

We hope this new version’s features will receive the warmest welcome, we are now working on PrestaShop version 1.4 Beta 1!

Download PrestaShop v.1.4 Alpha 4

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