PrestaStore open to free contributions!

As we had announced 2 months ago, PrestaStore now becomes the official platform for free themes and modules for PrestaShop!

Some community projects had been undertaken before, and in agreement with their creators, we decided to federate all the work on a single website, to promote trade within our community. So we have made available the necessary tools to manage contributions by a team of moderators from the Community.

We hope as well that ergonomics and ease of extensions search extensions for PrestaShop will be greatly enhanced, thus fixing a major problem of the moment. We are always ready to listen to your comments!

This feature is still very recent, so we especially appeal to developers, designers and integrators to help us to build up a great catalog!

If you want to participate in moderation of free contributions, this is still time to apply to the forum!

PrestaShop will attend PHP Forum in Paris, on November 12th and 13th 2009

The AFUP (French Association of PHP Users) organizes the PHP Forum on November 12th and 13th, 2009 at the “Cité des Sciences” in Paris.

This represents a new opportunity to meet us smile

This event aims to unite the “PHP Planet “: major players, users… All together will share their vision of PHP. Conferences will also be proposed, given by national and international experts including Michael Widenius, the creator of MySQL, but also speakers from SUN, SQLI, Zend…

A room will be dedicated to holders of Open-source projects: PrestaShop had to be present! Our developers will be delighted to meet you and answer your questions, around a demo of our software.?

Practical informations:

Forum program

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