PrestaShop will attend the New Technologies and Entrepreneurs fair, in Colmar (Fr)

PrestaShop will attend, with the Gold Certified Agency Quadra Informatique, the New Technologies and Entrepreneurs fair, on Friday, October 30th 2009, at the “Parc des Expositions” of Colmar (Fr), near the German borderland.

Bruno Lévêque will intervene alongside Xavier Flamand (from Quadra Informatique) at the “Rendez-vous d’Affaires” from 5:30pm to 6:30pm, Room 2.

More information:

Quadra Informatique website

Fair official website

PrestaShop welcomes new certified agencies

PrestaShop is proud to welcome two new Gold certified agencies, and the first German certified agency, among its partners!

French agencies Quadra Informatique and Bysoft (also based in Shanghai – China) have shown the necessary abilities to obtain the hightest PrestaShop Certification!

Besides, we also welcome Silbersaiten Mediengruppe, the first German certified agency. No doubt it will not remain the only one for long, in this country where our Community is more and more active smile

More information about our Certified Agencies

PrestaShop v.1.2.5 is now available!

The PrestaShop Team announces the release of a new version of PrestaShop, v.1.2.5.

Updating your e-shops to this version is recommended.

Exceptionally, this version does not contain bugfixes or new features: it is aimed to improve and strengthen the solution security, and this justifies the recommendation to perform an update of your e-shops.

We particularly improved the safety of three modules ( “Tell a friend”, “RSS feed”, “Newsletter”), of the contact form, the search function in the Back-Office, and reception of downloadable files (mp3 , pdf …).

Also, please note that this version does not contain the modifications made in the SVN version since the last release, they will be added in the next published version. However, the SVN version already contains the security patches from version 1.2.5. smile

Download PrestaShop v.1.2.5

See you soon!

PrestaShop welcomes the 30,000th member of its community!

PrestaShop Community counts now more than 30,000 members! This is an opportunity to thank you all for your support and your contributions smile

Since the more we are, the more we improve the project, we are really happy to see the number of members growing at a sustained pace:

- 10 000 members on January 23rd 2009

- 20 000 members on June, 28th 2009

- 30 000 members on October, 6th 2009 (10 000 members in 3 months !)

- Will we be 40 000 members in one month? grin

Congratulations to Jeanflo, 30 000th member, who has joined us at the right time! The e-commerce project manager working in animal products sector, is currently testing PrestaShop with a possible migration from OsCommerce to our solution.

30000 membres !

The step of 30,000 members is also an opportunity to remember the role of our Community Manager, Patric.

He ensures the relationship between the PrestaShop Team and community members by tracing the main issues they may encounter. He also identifies and classifies their suggestions, before transmitting them to the PrestaTeam, and assists them in their PrestaShop experience. Feel free to contact him if you have any suggestion!

See you soon for more news smile

E-Commerce Convention 2009 : 1st report!

We currently live the last day of the e-Commerce Convention 2009. This edition was very rich in events, you have been hundreds and hundreds to discover PrestaShop with us.

This exhibition was an opportunity to meet multiple partners: Dejala, Orium, Oxalide, MoneyBookers …, many agencies working with PrestaShop: Profileo, Evolutive Business, Axome … but also users of PrestaShop, including Joli Dragon, Oh My-Shop, Ethicoshop, 4-Pieds, Maro Bagages, and more!

Yesterday, wednesday, Bruno Lévêque and Igor Schlumberger gave their conference about PrestaShop, accompanied by Patrice Cassard ( and Xavier Poitau (Axome agency) facing a large audience. Among the issues discussed, a brief overview of Open Source, the growing number of shops using our tool (about 24 000 to date worldwide), the scalability management, and of course the work realized around of

This show has been up to our expectations, we hope to have been with you! wink