PrestaShop announces the publication of PrestaShop v.1.2.2

The PrestaShop Team is pleased to provide you with a new version of PrestaShop, correcting the bugs encountered on PrestaShop v.1.2.1.

This version fixes several critical points on v.1.2.1, especially SQL request crashes and upgrade issues.

Besides, it includes a retrocompatibility option for templates developed for PrestaShop v.1.1 (check Preferences tab in the Back-office)

To download this new version, please consult our download page.

If you encounter some bugs, can you please report them here ? wink

See you soon for the next version!

PrestaShop 1.2.1 is now available!

We are happy to announce the publication of PrestaShop 1.2.1!

This new version comes to fix bugs found in the 1.2 finale version of PrestaShop. Do not hesitate to update your e-shop!

On the menu of this new version, many bugs fixed including:

  • V.1.1 themes are now compatible with V1.2
  • SQL requests have been optimized, for a shorter loading time
  • Bug on moving products positions fixed
  • The duplication of products having attributes is now ok
  • Carrier URL verification
  • Several bugs about products import and products return
  • Bug on the installer, concerning the translations

A lot of others bugs has been fixed, you can check the changelog available herefor more information.

As usual, to download PrestaShop, you can find it here, and to report bugs that you may find, it is here.

See you soon, and thanks to all for your contribution wink