PrestaShop publishes its 1.2 final version!

The PrestaShop Team is pleased to announce, on this Wednesday, July 29th, the publication of the 1.2 final version of its software!

While summer is in full swing, and the sun shines on Paris, we are pleased to (finally!) provide you the 1.2 final version of PrestaShop.

After several months of development, debugging and tweaking, we let you discover this long-awaited version.

Here is an overview of new features added over the alphas and betas of this version from the 1.1 final one:

  • Tracking system of the “anomalies” in the catalog: disabled products, non-stock…
  • Tracking systems of visitors (affiliation)
  • Possibility to create groups of customers and give them coupons and special access to certain categories or means of payment
  • Statistics from date to date
  • Tracking of created shopping carts on the website
  • Downloadable files related to the product (notices…)
  • Choice of prices display (with VAT, without VAT…)
  • Paypal API
  • Our famous clients reminder module (followup)
  • And much more!

We cross our fingers for a minimum of bugs being found in this version, known as Stable, so you can use in production!

Download PrestaShop 1.2 finale version

Report bugs

See you soon for the next version! wink