A new subforum in the PrestaShop V.1.1 forum

We created a new subforum in the V.1.1 section: “Issues’ discussion”.

This forum aims to promote discussion between the community and the PrestaTeam, when you meet an important problem as a conception issue, or functions misbehavior (like taxes).

Be careful ! This forum is not for bug reporting, but only to signalize important issues.

Everybody can read this forum, but to be able to post in it, you have to be a VIP member, i.e you should have posted at least 200 messages in the forum wink

A new module in PrestaShop

A good news never comes alone, after having given birth to the 1.2 alpha 1 version a week ago, our team offers you a nice surprise on this Monday.

This surprise takes the form of a module offered as standard in the solution, which allows you to boost your customers effectively.

Four kinds of reminders are possible:

  • For each abandoned cart (no order) – to improve the conversion rate
  • For each validated order – retain and motivate
  • For each customer whose total orders reach a certain threshold – rewarding the best customers
  • For each customer who has already ordered at least once, and without orders from a certain time – remember to order wink

The module allows you to configure in detail these reminders (threshold, amount of coupon proposed, expiry date …).

Finally, to measure effectively the efficience, the module provides detailed statistics on 30 days for each type of reminder :

  • Number of e-mails
  • Number of coupons used
  • Conversion rate

This module is already available on SVN (link near the bottom of the Downloads page) and will be offered in version 1.2 alpha 2.

The module is available in alpha version, and therefore you can use it at your own “risks”

For your eyes ‘pleasure, here is a screenshot of the module:

Module Reminder Client

PrestaStore included in the PrestaShop 1.2 version

PrestaStore is revealing a little, in the PrestaShop 1.2 alpha 1 version…

In the final 1.2 version, a “PrestaStore” button will allow you to customize even more easily your PrestaShop website, thanks to a direct access from the administration panel, “Modules” tab.

PrestaStore will enable you to get complementary modules for your shop, such as payment modules, logistics, export to price comparators… and more.

PrestaStore will also be a marketplace, where contributors will be able to propose their own modules.

To be informed about its opening, do not hesitate to register you on PrestaStore.com

PrestaShop v.1.2 alpha 1 available!

A new version of PrestaShop, V.1.2 alpha 1 is now available!

After several months of bug corrections and development, the PrestaTeam is pleased to provide you with a new test version of PrestaShop.

Be careful, this is a test version, and it should not be used in production.

In this new version : a lot of fixed bugs of the V1.1, and many new features, including:

- The possibility to create groups of customers, and to propose them specific ways of payment

- A tracking of products “abnormal”: empty, disabled …

- Improved tags management

- The possibility to attach files (PDF manual …) to products

- The opportunity to view real-time the content of your customers’ cart

- And… many more

You can download it here.

/! Version available only for testing purposes, should not be used in production!

Several other new features will be added soon, including the management of VAT identification numbers in the European Community

Stay tuned! wink