PrestaShop v1.0 Release Candidate 3

PrestaShop e-Commerce Solution version 1.0 is close to completion. The third release candidate of v1.0, build, resolves many bugs and adds new functionality. It should also prove more stable than the previous release candidates, and it comes with beta versions of 11 new languages.

These new features will be available in PrestaShop version (RC3):

Eleven new languages. In addition to English and French, RC3 features translations in Deutsch (German), Español (Spanish), Nederlands (Dutch), Bahasa Indonesia (Indonesian), Italiano (Italian), Jezyk polski (Polish), Português (Portuguese), Ceština (Czech), P?????? ???? (Russian), Türkçe (Turkish), and Ti?ng Vi?t (Vietnamese).

Note: These 11 new translations are incomplete. Please help your fellow PrestaShop users by sharing your perfect knowledge of one (or more) of these languages. See this post for more language translation information.

State taxes. States/regions in the new States tab can now be added to Zones in order to accurately manage tax and shipping calculations.

Returns (RMAs) and credit slips. With PrestaShop, customers can now create a return slip and, with the merchant’s approval, return the merchandise and receive a credit slip.

Improved security. Remi Marek from Epitech did a security analysis of PrestaShop and provided us with many solutions to better safeguard online stores using PrestaShop, most notably the use of security tokens, search as used in PhpMyAdmin, and javascript filters.

Cash on delivery. This payment module has finally been updated and included in the default solution.

For PrestaShop v1.0 RC3, we also fixed numerous bugs large and small, most notably:

PayPal. The following issues have been resolved:

  • Problem with translation function $this->l (validation.php)
  • Problem when using a coupon (paypal.tpl)
  • Error in help to install PayPal (there had been a period (‘.’) at the end of URLs)
  • Sandbox mode often broken (PayPal issue, related to

Loading product images. “An error occurred while linking object product to categories”

Product, category, and price display. Numerous bugs

IE7. Many, if not all, bugs related to using PrestaShop with Internet Explorer 7

Adding images to a product

PDF invoice. Numerous bugs

Cookie error during log in

View Product button linking to homepage, not to product page

Payment by bank wire and cheque modules. Numerous bugs

Support of non-Latin characters (multibytes characters)

Deleting product from Order Detail page

We regret the unexpected delays in the release of PrestaShop v1.0 RC3 (v1.0.0.3) and any and all inconvenience these delays may have caused our users. We are not pleased with these delays and we will be taking steps to improve our testing processes for future releases.

Although we are excited by the increasing interest in PrestaShop coming from around the world, we are disappointed by not being able to answer every e-mail we receive and every subject raised on the Forum. Therefore, we would like to again thank those Forum users who have acted in the true spirit of open-source software by contributing their time and their expertise in order to help their fellow users.

Please leave your feedback here on the Forum. The PrestaShop community is growing rapidly and we welcome any questions and comments you might have, both positive and negative. Please report bugs, large or small! Remember, Open Source software only fulfills its true potential when enough of its users participate.