Get funded to develop plugins with PrestaShop

Get funded to develop plugins with PrestaShop

Last year, PrestaShop launched a $1,000,000 integration fund to give developers worldwide the resources needed to create modules for their local markets. In today’s video, you’ll learn more about the fund from developers themselves and how to apply today to improve PrestaShop in your region!
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Visuel blogpost Sagar

Meet Sagar, Ambassador of the month | September 2016

With the ongoing growth of our Ambassador community, we are delighted to announce a new category of post named “Ambassador of the month” to show our appreciation to our Ambassadors. This post is the first of a long series of posts about them for you to get to know them better. Each month, we’ll interview one of them. After organizing a student workshop and a community meetup in Kathmandu in September, Sagar – our Ambassador in Nepal – has been chosen to be the first Ambassador of the Month. We’ve asked him to answer a few questions. Read more


How to import and export to China in a fast and cost effective way?

Background:How large is the market?

1. In 2014, China’s e-Commerce took center stage, when the world witnessed for the first time another country outspending the USA in annual online sales transactions. According to the latest data releases, Chinese cross-border online shopping will reach $85 billion by the end of 2016 in spending, almost three times as much as $30 billion in 2014. By 2017 this data will increase by 12%, up to $110 billion . Read more

Prestashop article

European VAT on distance selling

VAT (the acronym for Value Added Tax) is a consumption tax applied in all Europe by each European state (meaning “country”) at different rates (ranging from 15% in Luxembourg to 27% in Hungary), albeit under common rules. VAT must be embedded in the retail price.

There is a specific VAT regime concerning distance selling of products within Europe. It applies only to business to consumer (B2C) sales and can be summarized (inasmuch as possible!) in the following way.

Distance selling means sales to consumers: individuals making the purchase outside of any business or profession.
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