Turning to YouTubers: An Effective Way to Boost Online Sales!

Turning to YouTubers: An Effective Way to Boost Online Sales!

YouTubers are not just social media stars, they’re bona fide influencers. A growing number of Internet users are following them and listening to what they have to say.

In fact, YouTube is the world’s 2nd largest search engine, one that lets social media influencers dive into their world and their interests…with a community that can have several million subscribers. Read more

Looking to migrate your PrestaShop site to a new server?

How to migrate PrestaShop to a new server

Migrating your PrestaShop store to a new server is one of the technical tasks any online store owner is confronted with at some point in time. It isn’t particularly difficult to move your entire e-commerce to a different server. That said, there are a number of factors to take into account and a procedure to follow in a set order to avoid problems with your website. We’ve created a mini-guide on the PrestaShop blog that will help you to migrate your site to another hosting service. Read more

Ecommerce Calendar

2017 E-Commerce Calendar: 52 Tips for Success

The year can now begin… Your 2017 e-commerce calendar has arrived!

The calendar includes preparation periods for the key sales dates in your country. Each week you will find a word of advice to ensure the success of your sales operations, boost your traffic, optimize your conversions and revenue and manage your store more easily and efficiently!
…And we would like to thank Pagination.com for its help with integrating the template and data :)
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Top Ecommerce Email Marketing Tips to Vouch For

Top Ecommerce Email Marketing Tips to Vouch For

Email is undoubtedly the most powerful tool for marketing, branding, building lasting customer relationships and getting direct response. While a good email can dramatically enhance your response rates and forge lasting subscriber relationships, a sloppy one may not only turn away your prospective customers but may also damage your brand as well. Read more

Ambassadors of the month December

Meet Ariel and Lucas, Ambassadors of the month | December 2016

Ariel Spampinato and Lucas Vitale, our Ambassadors in Argentina, have organized 5 meetups this year gathering almost 400 people. They were among our very first ambassadors and have, since they joined the program, been amazing contributors both online and offline. After the success of their last meetup in Buenos Aires on December 7th, we chose them as Ambassadors of December! Check out below their answers to our questions. Read more

PrestaShop 1.7: Help translate software

PrestaShop 1.7: Help translate software

PrestaShop, the free and open-source software, owes a great deal to its community, which helps improve it every day. There are lots of ways to pitch in, from modifying the source code, or providing feedback on Forge, to creating modules or even participating in user tests. Although more discreet, the community’s involvement in the PrestaShop translation project has nonetheless made it possible to make the software available in nearly 65 languages. That lets sellers around the world open their shops for free and in their own language. Read more