Countdown to the holidays

Countdown to the holidays

Summer is rolling to a close, which means another season is on it’s way: the holiday season. For retailers, it’s the start of the year’s busiest sale period. Many merchants are already knee-deep in their “Back-to-school” sales. If you’re still recovering from vacation, don’t worry: our countdown to the holidays will get you in shape for the 2015 holiday season.
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What PrestaShop retailers need to bear in mind when selling goods within the EU (Belgium, France, Great Britain and Switzerland)

Many online retailers believe that when selling goods in an EU country, they can simply apply the legislation of their own country, even if they are aware that, in principle, the law of the supply country applies. In simple terms, they believe that this somehow also includes Switzerland. However, it is not as simple as that. While Brussels has simplified the rules for online trading within the EU by providing a host of guidelines, special national provisions which must be complied with still exist for France, Belgium and Great Britain, for example. And then there’s the legal situation in Switzerland, which is not an EU country and has its own specific legislation.

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The Ins and Outs of Warranties and Returns Policies for Ecommerce Stores

Today our guest writer Leah Hamilton, at TermsFeed, is going to clarify a few important aspects of legal policies that ecommerce business owners need to be aware of.

When setting up your ecommerce store, you’re most likely concerned about how you’re going to market and price your product, what your website and branding will look like, and setting up various kinds of software, such as shopping carts and payment processing.

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Back-to-School Basics: what every online merchant should know

Fact: the back-to-school sales season is the second largest shopping season of the year. According to NRF, consumers spend an estimated $68 billion on back-to-school items. This represents a large conversion opportunity for online businesses of all sizes, as evidenced by the scores of similar statistics that populate back-to-school blog posts.

If you’re a parent, you’ve no doubt felt the season’s success lighten your pocketbook… If you’re not a parent, you’ve probably still taken advantage of the season’s unbeatable deals. In today’s post, we’re giving some back-to-school basics everyone can use to prepare for this late-summer sales event.

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5 signs that PrestaShop is right for you

Whether you’re looking to launch an online shop for the first time or thinking about migrating to a new solution, you may find yourself asking “Is PrestaShop right for me?” The fast and easy answer is “Of course – PrestaShop is right for everyone!”

Making PrestaShop accessible and easy to use is how we envisioned the software to be and something we work hard to achieve. However, having worked at PrestaShop for almost 2 years, I’ve learned that PrestaShop works better for some merchants than others. Today I’m sharing 5 signs that will help you decide if PrestaShop is right for you.
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Get your store to rank on special-event SEO

Every ecommerce industry experiences a selection of yearly events that present sales opportunities merchants can’t afford to miss: Valentines Day, Mother’s Day, Black Friday and seasonal sales are just a few that come to mind. Customers go wild for these events, and the few onlines stores that rank on the right keywords will see huge increases in sales during these periods.
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