Four Ways to Use Discount Coupons to Achieve Your Objectives

Using coupons in e-commerce has become a commonplace marketing strategy, but is very effective when done correctly.

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6 Tips for a faster E-Commerce Website

By Timme Hosting

The page speed or site speed is a particularly important aspect for a website and even more so for an online shop. Nevertheless, the issue of page speed is often neglected. Everyone has experienced the following situation at least once: you are on a slow site, waiting and waiting for the page to load. Finally frustration sets in and you leave the website, hoping to have better luck finding what you were looking for on another, faster website.

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Meet Deyson, Ambassador of the month | February 2017

Deyson is our extremely dynamic Ambassador in Rio de Janeiro. He’s always ready to give a talk about PrestaShop or answer your questions. Deyson is always up to something within the city of Rio, a major city in Brazil, where ecommerce is booming. We are very proud to have him at our side to promote the solution in Brazil, that’s why we chose him as Ambassador of the month of February 2017. Do you want to know more about Deyson? Then read the article below. Read more


Three reasons eCommerce companies should frequently update product prices

Every eCommerce company aims to build a sustainable and profitable business. To do so, they should focus on their pricing strategies. Every business, large or small, can benefit from finding new ways to optimize product pricing. But this doesn’t happen by simply assigning a monthly price list to the whole catalog. On the contrary, when it comes to pricing, merchants should get as creative as possible with their marketing efforts, because different pricing strategies can dramatically affect their bottom line. Here are three very clear reasons why every eCommerce company should always test and optimize their prices.

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How to get a profitable online store by setting an ideal shipping price

by SendCloud

Shipping orders is one of the most important parts of running an online store. In fact, there is no other way to reach your customer? Lots of companies are offering shipping solutions with multiple delivery methods. The fact remains that shipping is expensive,  a domestic shipment already costs around 5€ to 6€. Moreover, customers expect the delivery of their orders to be free, as this is standard the major ecommerce companies like Zalando. A big part of the online retailers cannot offer free delivery, as it is too expensive.. That’s why it’s important to implement the right shipping price strategy for your online store. 64% of online shoppers abandon their shopping cart because of too high shipping costs. This is why it’s important to set the right strategy for your shop.
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Offering Subscriptions on your PrestaShop Store

Offering Subscriptions on your PrestaShop Store

A subscription strategy is relevant for 90% of ecommerce companies. Subscriptions can apply to physical products, virtual products, delivery (through Premium delivery), or services. Offering customers subscriptions or product boxes will help to increase your monthly earnings and build loyalty. Learn how to offer subscriptions to different products, or a delivery service, with your PrestaShop store.
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