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Official Guide Installing PrestaShop

Yesterday, 03:57 PM

Click here for official guide 'Installing PrestaShop'


If you wish to install PrestaShop on your own computer, you should first follow the instructions on that page: Installing PrestaShop on your computer.




Kudos PrestaShop : 1.6 a great 'leap' forward

11 July 2014 - 06:28 PM

If one looks at any support forum we don't get much time to just talk about positives.


I know we see issues with new releases but my experience with the 'under the covers' improvements of core PrestaShop from 1.4 forward is nothing short of remarkable.


The 1.6 front office boot strap (read performance) and re-designed back office compared to previous releases is a significant leap forward. 


Shops more than ever must be able to take advantage of new and improved features, so keep your changes within your theme folder, only use proven modules so that you can easily upgrade your native PrestaShop in order to take advantage of all this cool stuff.


(my fav thing about PrestaShop: localization, catalog by country, multishop with ccTLD (dream boat for PrestaNerds), language detection, currency, geo localization.  Can run on a shared server for those starting out, try that with other CMS, CCC .css/.js (you would be surprised other cms do not support), and a aggressive development making life easier for shop owners and developers).



so even though we always see growing pains with new major releases  this is much more preferable than stagnation.


happy PrestaShopping

Many Registration Countries but Limited Delivery Countries

08 July 2014 - 06:05 PM

Curious is anyone has figured out how to have more enabled countries for registration purposes but limit the country(ies) for delivery.


For example, I register from EEUU but only ship to Mexico, i.e. in order to send something to Mexico as a gift for example.


Look forward to hearing thoughts from the PrestaNerds.







[solved]Auto Upgrade from ' You already have the version.'

02 July 2014 - 05:48 PM

Doing my first upgrade.  :) to


Downloaded latest Auto Upgrade module.


Activity log before message: You already have the version.

All files upgraded. Now upgrading database...
Error during database upgrade. You may need to restore your database.


You already have the version.


Restoring test shop to try again, seems that when it went to upgrade db it read something it's upgraded and gets confused.  I know I've seen similar post but searching brought no joy.


Thanks in advance for your review.


'your shopping cart is empty'

28 June 2014 - 04:42 PM

Sales have been very good (thank you) but we noticed that sales stopped after June 23rd.


I assumed it was World Cup and did not worry.



then my partner today mentioned  we have never had stoppage of sales like this and tested our front office.


We are losing the product in the cart at check out with the infamous 'your shopping cart is empty'.  On all browsers (but for whatever reason my chrome is ok but partners does not work)


running our work horse release with 'very' little modification and no changes to the shop in several months.  runs on a vps fact cgi non-managed so there is no concern that the underelying server changed.


I am hoping one of the PrestaNerds will see some sort of error that I can not detect.


Thanks in advice for your time looking at this.


Shop URL: http://www.etiendas.co/


note: I see the item in the cart from back office.