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El Patron

El Patron

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What to do when developer non responsive to their module post.

18 November 2014 - 04:02 PM

What to do If you are not getting response from original poster of a paid module:


1. Scroll to the original post where module is described.

2. Click the 'report' link

3. In the report please state that developer is non-responsive.


What happens?


The  PrestaShop Community managers and moderators will review the module listing for proper support/responsiveness from the developer.


If found that the module is not being supported properly on the forum then it will be actioned appropriately.


TIP: If you find a module in paid or free section, always review for positive responses from community members and timely response from developer.  If you do not see either of these situations then you should avoid using.

[How To] tinymce WYSIWYG Include Your Front Office Theme (global.css)

16 November 2014 - 11:46 PM

Lost WYSIWYG? i.e. back office did not reflect what displayed in front office.


In this example, I have included the direct link to global.css of active theme.


  • open js/ file (make a back up)
  • see/add the following hack.  change path to your shops .css file to use.
  • (note clear browser cache to see change in tinymce editor)  (chrome ctl+shift+del)
	default_config = {
		//This option enables you to specify a custom CSS file that extends the theme content CSS.
		content_css : "../themes/leodigital/css/global.css",
		//If this option is set to true it will append the imported styles to the end of the "Formats" menu by default it will replace the default formats.
		importcss_append: true,

more information:


[Module] Custom Front Office Default Currency (+ by shop in MultiShop)

07 November 2014 - 07:22 PM


Manage Front Office Default Currency

PrestaShop 1.5 | 1.6 


Module Home


Define Different Default Front Office Currency (+ by shop in MultiShop)


Module allows you to define a different Front Office default currency, independent of Back Office default.

Supports single or 'by shop for MultiShops' default front office currency.


Module Home

Free [Module] Alert PrestaShop File Cache Enabled | Disabled (module page)

06 November 2014 - 11:09 PM

compatibility 1.4 | 1.5 | 1.6


since 1.4 days, I was unable to manage modules when native PrestaShop File Cache enabled Installs/uninstalls/configure of any type all acted 'wacky'.  Once I remember to disable File Cache I can manage modules without issue.


This free module, will inform shop manager status of File Cache when visiting module page.


For most of us disabling File Cache while working with modules is the only thing that works.  Note: Module will also remind you when File Cache disabled so you remember to turn it back on.


Attached File   10.22KB   8 downloads




make sure to also see this most useful module:


Display PHP Environment PHPINFO() Back Office

Leo Digital Compatibility Issue MultiShop.

30 October 2014 - 02:14 PM

We upgraded and installed Leo Digital to  Configure the theme and went live planning on  after production roll out to then add our existing multishop domain names.


We use one gTLD  and three ccTLD's (country code topl level domains).


When we add new shop (sharing everything with main shop),  the Leo Digital theme widgets do not carry over, this created 'many' errors on new shop front office.


this results in our 3 additional shops to lose all links...


our in-house front office person, opened issue on Leo Theme website but no response.


Look forward to help with this.


Also...big shout out to Leo for pretty cool work...big fans here...


Thanks. el