Look who's talking about the world's leading e-commerce software!

Don't take it from us, hear it from them! PrestaShop has enhanced the lives of online business owners around the world with the best e-commerce software.

Look who's talking about the world's leading e-commerce software!

Industry Leaders

Arnaud Devigne Marketing Director

It has been a great pleasure to be invited to the PrestaShop Barcamp in Paris on the 24th of November. Congratulations on a flawless event with an incredible turn-out. It was especially impressive to see the variety of topics covered and the benefit to the community at large. PrestaShop is definitively a key player in e-commerce and we look forward to working together again. I would like to add that we will definitely gather best practices from the Barcamp for the future events we will organize with our community.

Emmanuelle Bosc-Haddad Marketing Director

PrestaShop is a leader in e-commerce with over 100,000 online stores and the perfect partner for La Poste. PrestaShop's numerous features, user friendly interface, and easy integration ensures it is the clear choice for our clients to increase conversion rates. Today, PrestaShop is a major contributor of La Poste's success and an essential partner for future growth.

Web Agencies

David Niry CEO

As a web agency, PrestaShop allows us to cut development time in half, compared to other heavier, less agile e-commerce solutions. PrestaShop has managed to strike the right balance between power, flexibility and code accessibility. The large library of Add-ons is also an important benefit, allowing us to quickly and competitively respond to our clients’ specific needs in many situations.

Marty Shue Founder and CEO

PrestaShop is packed with all the essential tools that any online business needs to build an e-commerce site and sell products. PrestaShop has the unique ability to expand and grow as an online store grows. It is also backed by the best support from both the PrestaShop team and the PrestaShop community. The support is better than any other e-commerce solution that I've used.

Community Members

I have been in online sales for nearly ten years, and we are very impressed by the PrestaShop solution and the professional level of service. I don't take that for granted in a world where the word ‘service’ has disappeared from most companies' vocabulary. We are glad we have chosen PrestaShop’s solution for the future of my business. Thanks again to the entire team for the great work. Keep it up!

Mister Denial
Member since August 2010

PrestaShop is easy, intuitive, and contains everything you need. I used OSCommerce, XTC, and tested Magento, Oxid, Gambio, Wordpress, Joomla and more. I like modular software like PrestaShop because I'm prepared for a successful future. Business grows and so should my e-commerce software. With PrestaShop I found exactly what I need to have a growing e-commerce shop.

Member since February 2010

Online Merchants

PrestaShop is awesome and deserves all the success it's getting. I already recommend PrestaShop to all my contacts.

Eric Augier | Office Depot B. Solutions

I've tried major e-commerce solutions and found PrestaShop to offer the most features needed to grow my business. They offer more bells and whistles than any other software available. Their statistical data helps me track my efforts and optimize for performance. PrestaShop's software blew me away from the moment I started working with and it's free!

Chris Briggs | JC’s Wildlife

PrestaShop provides all the best tools I need to effectively market my site. I have seen great improvements in my business after using PrestaShop. Furthermore, the technical support team is extremely helpful!

Todd Ruiter | XY Scrubs