PrestaShop Partners: world-class features for your free online store

PrestaShop's e-commerce software has joined forces with the industry's top leaders to provide additional features that focus on enhancing your e-commerce store!


Shopping-Flux is a solution that allows you to centrally manage all your e-marketing communication channels.

With a single interface, you can:

  1. Show your products on price comparison sites like, Google Shopping,, Shopzilla, etc. More than 100 comparison sites are built into Shopping-Flux.
  2. Switch off any unprofitable products on the price comparison sites using Shopping-Flux ROI tracking. This is the perfect complement to Altics, since we work together to improve your conversion ratio.
  3. Distribute your products through marketplaces (eBay, Amazon, RueduCommerce, PriceMinister, etc.).
  4. Then, re-import your marketplace orders directly into your e-commerce application and confirm them from the "Order" tab in PrestaShop, just like any other order.
  5. Distribute your products via Facebook (using a store that is fully integrated into the social network).
  6. Create AdWords campaigns for every product you sell.
  7. And many other innovative services like BuyLined, which lets you track the path taken by your purchasers, both on your website and externally.

Shopping-Flux is fully integrated into PrestaShop and can be connected very quickly, including the ROI tracking tags that are installed directly.

The Shopping-Flux solution is well known for its extensive investments in R&D to provide its users with more and more services.
It runs natively and requires a monthly subscription.

Contact: Request Shopping-Flux directly from the "Modules" interface in your PrestaShop implementation to receive a one-month free, no-obligation trial offer for all PrestaShop users.

Is your shop in version 1.5 or 1.6? This module is already pre-installed and ready for use! To activate it, go to the "Modules" tab in your back office and click Install.
This module is available for the following countries: France and United States.