PrestaShop Partners: world-class features for your free online store

PrestaShop's e-commerce software has joined forces with the industry's top leaders to provide additional features that focus on enhancing your e-commerce store!

Increase customer engagement, drive more traffic and sell more on mobile! powers engaging mobile shopping experiences. This free module developed for PrestaShop seamlessly adds powerful features to your online store when accessed from a mobile device to help your customers easily search, discover, share and purchase your products wherever they are on your site.

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Why use
While it’s no secret that more and more consumers use their mobile phones to discover and purchase products online, the mobile web browsing experience is broken and inconsistent, resulting in customer frustration, lack of engagement and loss of revenues for you the merchant. fixes the broken mobile web by making key elements of the mobile browsing experience clear, consistent and useful for consumers. This results in more people taking action with respect to your brand, content and products.
Here are some of the reasons you’ll love using
Everything you need to increase engagement on mobile. is a mobile web engagement powerhouse, with features such as:
Superior social sharing - customers can share what they like simultaneously across their social networks with just one tap and without leaving your site. 
Easy mobile search - makes it easier for your customers to perform site-wide search wherever they are on your site and discover your products.
Push notifications - With customers can follow news on your brand you post on your blog and get store updates all from their mobile phone.
Continuous engagement across desktop and mobile - makes moving between desktop and mobile seamless allowing consumers to start their experience on your online store from a desktop computer and easily move to mobile (and vice versa), so you don’t lose touch.
Funnel customers to checkout more effectively on mobile and decrease cart abandonment. helps you funnel customers to checkout more effectively with a unique mobile shopping cart, which customers can launch wherever they are on your site for quick checkout. Less abandoned carts, more sales.
Fully integrated and seamless experience, right out of the box. 
Simply install the module and you’re done. No changes required to your site. will show up whenever your site is accessed from a mobile browser (it works whether or not your site is “optimized” for mobile browsing).
More options under-the-hood
Register your site for FREE to customize, see localization options, access analytics and more.
How does it work?
1. Install the module
2. When users access your site from a mobile browser, will show up and look as an integral part of the site ( is non-intrusive and fits seamlessly in the user browsing experience)
3. When is engaged by a user it will overlay your site with all the different functions on a new semi-transparent layer keeping the user on your site
-Optional, though highly recommended-
If you wish to customize, receive access to analytics and get updates
4. On the Modules tab look for under the list of installed modules
5. Click on Configure, and follow the instructions on screen to register your site - It’s free!