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Breaking down the multistore function in PrestaShop v1.5

I- So what is a multistore?

The Multistore function is one of the key new elements that will be available in PrestaShop v1.5. And we’re here to explain how the multistore function works so you can take advantage of this revolutionary new feature when the final version of v1.5 becomes available.

a. Description

Multistore makes it possible to create and manage several stores at once, saving you both time and money.  This feature will also enable you to manage several online stores from a single Back Office.

Each store is independent enough for them to behave differently, if required. And each of your store’s settings can be modified to fit your specific needs.

You can also have different stores maintain shared elements, if you should need them to.

    • Categories
    • Brands
    • Product pages, etc.

b. Is a multistore for me?

This functionality is essentially made for people who manage several e-stores at the same time. For example, it’s perfect for big companies hoping to position themselves in different markets on the Internet.

c. What can the new multistore function do for me?

The multistore function has several advantages:

    • You can simplify the management of several online stores through the same Back Office. Therefore, if the administrator wants to make changes on all e-stores, he or she can do so through a centralized back office.
    • You can define specific rights for each employee across multiple stores without giving them blanket access to all stores. This is know as the rights management aspect
    • You can also personalise each store as required.
    • You can have a list of all your products online. So when you create a product, the store manager can see the list of products for each of your stores. That way, you can avoid doubles of the same product (Only an administrator has the rights to change the products).
    • You can have online stores with different domain names. This is really useful if you sell in different countries and your domain name is adapted to each country. You can also change languages and currencies.

d. How is it activated?

To activate this function, you just need to go to “General Preferences” and click “Yes” to activate the multistore.


To activate the multistore, click “YES”

Once activated, the Multistore tab will appear in your advanced settings.


Website tree of the different store groups

Here you will find a tree structure for all of your stores. You can also create a new group of stores or add a new store with a new name.

Finally, one of the coolest functions of PrestaShop’s new multistore feature is rights management. PrestaShop is the first software to offer e-tailers the right to manage the access rights of employees for each of their stores.

Multistore management is just one of the many new features that will be included in PrestaShop v1.5. And if you would like to take v1.5 out for a test drive before the final version is made public, then we invite you to download v1.5 RC 2. And remember, the more feedback we get while v1.5 is in release candidate testing, the sooner we’ll be able to make the final version public.

  1. Yeah That’s really great feature.. Prestashop going to add. I did this thing last year with custom code. I also made Web to print module in prestashop and many more modules.

    Here is my profile

    Thank You!!

  2. I’m anxious to see the real of this seemed amazing feature. And this is just suitable for new template either, isn’t it?

  3. Good post! We are anxious for use this multistore function. When will be available the 1.5 version?

  4. I realy like what prestashop do, some poeple say that it is like a lite version of Magento, but i tried to create a module under Magento, and I found that it was far complexe than in Prestashop.
    What I like about Prestashop is that it is a free and well structured solution, and with this new feacher, it is going to be even more flexible.
    I hope to enjoy the dev team someday.

  5. AWESOME!!!
    i can’t hardly wait this 1.5 to be launched.

  6. I’m waiting for this great function. I hope 1.5 is soon ready.

  7. Author: tobi

    Date: August 24, 2012 at 11:19 am

    Nice info. But regarding shipping, are those store can have different shipping origin? for example, shipping is from state X, shipping is from state Y ?

  8. Waiting for this feature, I have 4 brands, now it can be managed from one single back office.

  9. prestashop it’s one of the best e-commerce website

  10. Great feature, but it would be better to do not see (edit, end delete) items from different store. One employee will add the exact products (specification atc.) in one store and another one employee from different store can easily modify (or delet – they are just people) the item, – and to see just stats for single store. I wont them to see the final stat only by end of each year to comper all stores, and it would be great to see just invoices and orders and sales just from an actual one shop and I can not to set it right.

  11. Easier – I’ve got two shops selling a different kind of items. Multistore feature gives me an idea to make one e-shop selling items of both shops (pay only for one domain and web space) . Admin of the first shop will manage “his” eshop (only) and another will manage only items of seccond shop (orders, invoices, stats …) but all items will be just on one e-shop shows items of both shops. I will be able as a main admin manage and control all selling items. Is it possible to set it up like this?

  12. can i assign admin for a sub store that see only the sub store item and cannot see other stores item
    so he can add item on the specific sub store but the super admin can see all sub stores items

  13. Great feature, but it would be better to do not see (edit, end delete) items from different store. One employee will add the exact products (specification atc.)

  14. Thank you for the interesting article and well detailed. it’s been a long time I use Prestashop and I always admire the news. Behold multistore a function that adds value to Prestashop.

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