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Market your website on Facebook

Facebook fans are 2.5 times more likely to place an order and spend an average of 20% more on each order than non-Facebook fans (JDN). If you don’t have a Facebook page yet then it’s time you got one. Here are 3 ways to use Facebook to market your online shop.

1 – Madame Choup’s “best buy”

The Madame Choup website has implemented a great technique to attract relevant traffic to its online shop. Internet users save 6 Euros when they share their purchase with 10 of their Facebook friends. This technique works because the internet user is happy about the discount and carefully picks which friends to share it with. The 10 chosen people are usually the shop’s target audience. This strategy doesn’t just drive traffic to the website, it also attracts customers who are likely to buy from you and become loyal customers. It works like a referral as it attracts customers who have been introduced to a product following a customer referral.

Madame Choup won the Marketing-Communication Award for this strategy at the latest PrestaShop Awards.

Madame Choup

Madame Choup

2 – Create a shop window on a Facebook tab

Create a shop window on your brand’s Facebook page to promote your products and your new offers, as per Dior’s Facebook page below. The brand also presents its new 2012-13 collection in photos and videos on its page to reflect its luxury brand position.


Page Facebook Dior

The Zadig & Voltaire website isn’t the only place where you can view its product catalogue; there are short product pages with photos, prices and descriptions on its Facebook page. When the visitors click “buy” on Facebook, they are redirected to the product page on Zadig & Voltaire’s online shop. The goal: to generate traffic and revenue from Facebook.
Zadig et Voltaire

Page Facebook Zadig & Voltaire

The brand also highlights the benefits of following its Facebook page to the visitor. The goal: to get as many Facebook users as possible to keep up to date with the brand’s news on its profile and be the first to hear about its promotions and offers.


Page Facebook Fnac

3 – Transfer the user’s Facebook information

The website has another way to use Facebook for marketing. The shop has two ways to download Sean Lam’s Hanging up the Moon album. The first and fairly common way is to pay at least 1 dollar to download it. The second more original way is to download the album for free in exchange for information about the user from Facebook (access to profile, photos, videos etc.). The website can then use this information to send personalised offers and emails.



As you can see, Facebook provides a multitude of marketing opportunities for your online shop. Like Madame Choup, many online shops are getting more inventive and finding new ways to use Facebook and other social networks to their advantage. Now it’s time to get on Facebook and try out at least one of these tips!

  1. Great article and useful information, exactly what we, the Prestshop merchants, can use to expand our businesses. One question though: how did Madame Choup implement this Facebook promotion? Is there a module available that can do that?

  2. Great one Paul though I have been thinking of on how to optimize facebook fan page store.

    Please is it possible to run the entire facebook store on its own – collect payment and refering them to thank you page also on facebook.

    Hope to receive your response soon.

    best regards.

  3. Love Prestashop.. I run 5 shops with Prestashop. Would be great if it would integrate into the e-commerce solution for facebook from Zibaba

  4. Author: basse1985

    Date: February 21, 2012 at 10:57 pm

    I’m also very interested in madamechoup’s module!

  5. I think its a great shopping experience with Facebook.

  6. Author: david niry

    Date: February 29, 2012 at 5:55 pm

    @cheap adwords voucher:

    Running a full Facebook store has many technical challenges: the main one being that you cannot run payment solutions inside an i-frame, which Facebook uses for all tabbed applications. The only solution is to link to a special Paypal Facebook API, whiwh, to say the least, is quite complex. No other secured payment options are available (such as

    It is also not the best strategy anyway: many studies on the subject show that most people are afraid of actually sending payment related information on Facebook. Many stores have tried it, and unless you’re Delta Airlines or 1-800-Flowers (the only two examples of successful full f-commerce integrations) and peopel trust your brand name enough, the best strategy is actually to use your Facebook page to show your products, and send them to your PrestaShop website for the purchase.

    Your Facebook Shop is meant to drive trafic to your main website, not replace it.

    That is exactly how our Facebook PS Shop Tab module (winner of 2011 PrestaShop Awards) works:

    Also check out Facebook PS Wall Posts on

    Best Regards,

    David Niry
    Business Tech

  7. Great information but why don’t you show us how to apply the technique on prestashop pages while I don’t see facebook fan page module yet.

  8. Where can you get that module that madame choups have?
    They made it themself or is it an module you can buy?

  9. I will NOT market on Facebook

  10. I think its a great way to market the website online.

  11. I am really agree with facebook marketing idea, but till now i did not know exact way to promote my store via facebook,

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