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PrestaShop Helps Mamy Factory Put Forth ‘Grand’ style!

Inspired by sustainable consumerism, Stéphanie Leone founded Mamy Factory last July. Mamy is French for Granny, and this e-commerce site selling children’s clothing brings hand-knitted garments bang up-to-date.

The concept is genuinely innovative: when a customer orders an item of clothing, grannies living around France knit the item following clearly defined product specifications.

These grandmothers form a large and loose-knit community based on mutual support, savoir-faire and a shared passion for knitting.

This project helps the elderly to fight feelings of isolation and to add to pensions that might be stretched too thin. Building bridges between the generations, Mamy Factory also offers authentic, quality products that are made with love.

The Mamy Factory site contains extensive information about the concept, with a highlight being adorable portraits of each granny.

The design of the site is efficient and user-friendly, “the design makes the site very bright and welcoming, and poetic,” says Stéphanie Leone, who believes that the presentation is crucial. “It’s important not to do things by halves. An e-commerce site requires work, and the site should be attractive.”

In order to increase its visibility and meet Leone’s requirements, the website needed some specific development. Particularly with the inclusion of a modules which gives visitors the chance to receive discounts when they share their purchase with 10 of their friends. A good dose of viral marketing which is useful for any e-commerce site !

Mamy Factory places distribution at the top of their list of what’s important. With its cheaper Envoi (Send) module, developed by PrestaShop, which allows users to use distribution outlets like Relais Colis and Mondial Relay to pick up products, the distribution is given a helping hand. Knitted garments are then delivered in 48 to 72 hours maximum for stock, and made to measure by one of the grannies in 15 days.

Stéphanie Leone appreciates the flexibility of these PrestaShop functions, “There are no barriers, everything is possible and doable. PrestaShop met all of my needs, and in a short time too.”

During this era of sustainable development, why not get inspired by Mamy Factory’s ethical principals and create your own responsible project!

  1. Author: phil_malaysia

    Date: November 15, 2012 at 12:08 am

    What a great concept. I really like the website design. It’s easy going, interesting and relaxing. The business model is well balance and would win my business as a consumer if I were living in France. Viral marketing? Hmmm. I have so much to learn!

    Thank you for the insights!


    Kids Toys (Malaysia)

  2. amazing design!!!

  3. Fantastic concept and I like the term “loose knit” lol! Grandmothers knitting kids clothes, something seemingly long forgotten in our modern world! Good luck with your venture :)

  4. Love this site! Just developing ours, and wanted a clean, white page, but did not achieve that. What template did you use? C’est si joli!

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