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Joias Silvanil: PrestaShop e-commerce hits Brazil

For the first time ever,  PrestaShop is proud to include a Brazilian e-store into our success story showcase. Without further adieu, let us formally welcome you to Joias Silvanil, a beautiful e-commerce website that sells both original and personalized jewelry.

Family owned and operated  since 1977, the Joias Silvanil jewelry store has only recently stepped out of its humble beginnings in Curitiba Parana, Brazil, by starting an online store with PrestaShop.

With the goal of crossing borders and making their expertise known around the world, Ricardo Schwarzbach, the brand’s founder, is delighted to have his first online store.  “We’ve already made huge gains in visibility,” he confirms.

As for their collaboration with PrestaShop, Schwarzbach said “We’re very happy to work with PrestaShop. Their quality modules have made our lives so much easier. Not to mention, the software handles everything from receiving an order request to delivering the final product.”

Joias Online

What makes Joias Silvanil stand out from competitors is that shoppers are allowed to fully personalize every piece of jewelery. ”Jewelry symbolizes the feelings of the person who’s giving it. It must, therefore, resemble him or her. It’s a point of honor for us to offer products and materials of great quality, and our customers love the personalization service we provide” said Schwarzbach.

What’s happening in the Brazilian e-commerce market?

Numerous statistics suggest that the Brazilian e-commerce market will be in forth among world leaders before 2015. Over 20% of Internet users make online purchases in Brazil, and the average shopping cart rests at around 140€ per purchase.

This growth is due to a notable increase in the number of Internet users as well as to the appearance of a new middle class. This segment of the market has access to numerous payment facilities, as well as increasingly high-performance hardware.

Brazilians believe strongly in traditions, so expect them to spend a lot of money online during the major holidays (Christmas, but also Mother’s Day and Father’s Day).

The Brazilian market is looking very healthy, and we recommend that you do not wait to get involved!

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  2. Thanks for this article in your blog about us , We´re very happy to represent the best of Brazilian jewelry using the prestashop plataform ,and hope in the future we´ll have more news to give for you
    thanks alot

    Ricardo Schwarzbach & Symeia Pedroso
    Business partners

  3. good,i like the website.

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